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At times you may tend to look upon the world surrounding you as a detached universe; standing opposite from the things of the divine realm, independent and separate from the higher levels of consciousness. In actuality what you call the world surrounding you is the way in which you interpret this reality and how it affects your consciousness. This interpretation in terms of your consciousness is your world-image which is real only in relation to the consciousness of which it forms a part.

As long as this relation is recognized all is well; life or reality affects you and through you it is externalized as a world-image in your consciousness. Thus, you are the focus through which this process takes place, and there is an unimpeded flow of life reality affecting you, and, through you becomes a world-image.

When however, you forget that you are only a focus of reality and feel yourself as a separate being, a soul or a spirit, all changes. Instead of recognizing that what you call the world is really only your interpretation, in terms of consciousness of the reality that affects you, you materialize that world-image and make it into an absolute. Thus you find yourself isolated between two worlds: a world of gross matter outside and a world of subtle spirit within. This duality henceforth rules your life and in practice you have to choose between its two elements. This choice is one between materialism and idealism.



So you must choose between the experience of the divine, in distinction to the discussion about God or the Other. But the experience of the divine ultimate, of reality, of life, of truth, is beyond all discussion. The conflict is one between different standpoints and views of life - the conflict between revelation and realization. The duality of revelation must be shaken off if you are to become the ever-changing Universal Consciousness, not because some other intelligence possessed or used you, but because you have gained true liberation/freedom and become one with all life - the only true guru!

Life, can not be reconciled to preconceived thoughts, neither can it be rationalized. Life is not an intelligence therefore it is neither rational nor logical. Unless you become one with the here and the now, recognizing that reality of life ... then and only then can you be approached through the actual experience of the moment. Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be fully experienced! When you understand profoundly the significance of your essence of the process of ignorance and action, you will see what you call your purpose has no significance. The mere search for the purpose of life covers up or detracts from the comprehension of your Divine Oneness.

This implies the very goal or aspiration itself is the first step towards its attainment. Of course this is not true! Your Divine Oneness is the totality of your existence. There is no first step  ... last step or even a process. All that exists is: one with the Divine! There is no separation, no disparity or discrepancy. You are I AM! Accept it! Know it! Feel it! Be it! As you walk through life let your mantra be I AM that I AM!

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, all rights reserved;

from "Gift of Light" Jan. 2005