For thousands of years humanity is surrounded by illusions without realizing this most of the time. The reason is that these illusions are powerful enough in their own sphere of influence and we experience them as real. Even if we try to abandon them the mass consciousness will try to prevent that by threatening with severe repercussions.



Let us behold for example the illusion of so called 'royalty' and 'nobility'. A billions of dollars consuming institute. Compare it with a religion. If you believe in the institution, those people are very important and it is a great  honor when you are allowed into their presence and speak with them. If you do not believe in it, those people are just ordinary beings with a good education, but with the same weaknesses and strong characteristics as the rest of us. There is no reason what so ever to look up to them or pledge your allegiance to them. When do we stop this mass self hypnotism?



Then you often hear the remark: "Presidents are also expensive". Well, we also do not need presidents. In stead of a Republic or a Constitutional Monarchy we can perfectly manage a "Constitutional Democracy" with a Prime Minister for four years.


Possibly it is now a little easier for you to become aware of the many illusions that surround us in the world and also in our lives.



What is then reality? Reality is I AM, HERE and NOW!  Thereafter we create our own environment with our thoughts, feelings, actions, hopes, etc. We all live in a subjective 'reality', created by the effects of causes set into motion in this or a previous lifetime on this planet. Causes initially made in freedom, but the effects, the consequences you have to endure humbly or transmute by the Violet Fire.


This process will continue till you decide to walk the path towards the Ascension.