is the law of Life!

For embodied beings who walk the Path of Light and who on this journey know the purpose for their being, Service is the Law of Life. The moment individualization takes place the Flame must begin to accept the responsibility to give balance to the Universe for the privilege of drawing breath, of using life and of sustaining a physical existence by which understanding and illumination brings freedom to the consciousness. As the law of one's being is service the experience of life will constantly offer us infinite opportunities to serve humanity and all sentient life, in some manner.

When a lifestream serves the Divine unconditionally their service will take them into the Presence and the benefit derived by all is knowing that the reward - the ultimate goal is not the result of any third dimensional strivings. Humanity one day soon will come to understand the One Universal Consciousness and thus serve this Oneness through Love. To serve God is the sacred contract of our own life, action and being. Use the desire to serve the Universal Cause of Good, to enrich the Cause of Good where you find it and expect only the benefit of the Divine Love of God.

Service is the expansion of the Flame; it is the externalization, the manifestation of spiritual energy waves, and that Flame will bring on its return current the vibration of that which is served. Many have come and have remained within Earth's plane because their Love of the Oneness of Light is great enough that they would bring to humanity the gift of Divine Presence. But the quality and quantity of their service is unaffected by those who receive it. If there be one life or a million it does not matter, and when you proceed in this manner you too will know Peace, for Peace comes when to the best of your ability you are endeavoring to serve the Universal cause of good... manifesting it... and are not concerned with any external activity or situation and how it might effect you and/or your service.


The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, all rights reserved;

from "Gift of Light" Jan. 2005

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