The connection between the Higher Self and the physical form is an eternal flowing stream of pure blazing light. The connection between the outer consciousness and the One Universal Consciousness is a bridge of thought and feeling, which is created by the -self-conscious endeavor of the lifestream aspiring to re-unify with the Divine Oneness.

The physical connection of the Oneness with the human form which animates the human heart is but part of the Higher Self that must be reestablished by every lifestream who desires the right and the ability to receive directions unmistakably clear from the Divine whereas the activities of daily life will be completely governed by the Higher Self. This is the natural estate of every man, woman and child in the Universe, and the sometimes blind groping of the outer self in an endeavor to comply with the law of one's being is a far step from the natural illumined consciousness, which is channeled in a clear manner as to the process of every instant of every day.

The preparation of the chela is to re-establish this conscious connection and communion so that "every activity, every heartbeat and every breath of their daily life becomes the divine and perfect activity of the One." You can in your own understanding and application endeavor to establish and sustain such a communion with the divinity, that your future progress might proceed in great peace to the fulfillment of your own sacred plan and destiny.

For embodied beings of light who walk the Path of Life and who in this journey seek the purpose for their being, Service is the Law of Life. The moment individualization takes place the Flame must begin to accept the responsibility to give a balance to the Universe for the privilege of drawing breath, of using life and of sustaining a physical existence by which understanding and illumination brings freedom to the consciousness. As the law of one's being is service the experience of life will constantly make it necessary for the ego in some manner to serve their community, their nation, their colleagues.

 Much of humanity's heartache, disappointment, disillusion and failure come because the natural drive to serve within the lifestream has not been illumined to a point where the individual knows that "unconditional service" to the Divinity of Oneness is the Law of Being and the ultimate purpose for sustained life. When we serve individuals, when we serve a nation, or a cause, we serve FORM, and the return will always contain some of the imperfection which such externalized form finds as the heart center of its being.

When an individual serves God unconditionally their service will take them into the presence of individuals, nations, causes and they can be of great benefit to them all, knowing that neither their reward nor their ultimate goal results from these third dimensional strivings. Humanity often serves through duty, through moral exactitude, and one day soon will come to understand the One Universal Consciousness and thus serve this Oneness through Love. The physical sun is shining in your heaven and humanity is the beneficiary of its light but the sun shines only within the glory of God. It is neither cognizant nor concerned with who will benefit by its presence. Its divine plan is to shine for the Glory of God because there is One unfailing source of gratitude, love and constancy and that is the Universal First Cause.

To serve God does not mean to disassociate yourself from other life forms, or to cast off the obligations that experience life has caused the soul to accept, but it is the sacred contract of your own life, action and being. Just as you set a thermostat, use the desire to serve the Universal Cause of Good, to enrich the Cause of Good where you find it but do not expect a return from the object which benefits by your Love of God. Know that your return will always come from the Sun of your Being. How many valiant beings have missed the mark by misunderstanding the Law of Service? In each nation there are often many who chose to serve their own desire for authority in the creation of form through only human thought and feeling. They must once again dedicate their soul and nature to only the Service of God Purpose, as the Sun does, before they can come again to Peace.

Service is the expansion of the Flame; it is the externalization, the manifestation of spiritual energy waves, and that Flame will bring on its return current the vibration of that which is served. Two individuals standing in the same time and space, performing exactly the same actions can experience an entirely different result determined only by the Force which they have decided to serve preceding the activity. The one dedicated to serving God's Cause to Life can render the same physical ministration and yet be relieved of any feeling that recompense will come forth from the one receiving the benefit. Another, with equal sincerity, seeing a need for ministration, may hold an expectation of or from this service, rushes forward, fills the need, then, having served the "limited" receives back the imperfect and/or receives nothing and is embittered through this service.

Many have come and have remained within Earth's plane because their Love of the Oneness of Light is great enough that they would bring to humanity the gift of Divine Presence. But the quality of their service is not influenced by those who receive it. If there be one life or a million it does not matter, and when you proceed in this manner you too will know Peace, for Peace comes when to the best of your ability you are endeavoring to serve the Cause of Good  ... manifesting it ... and are not concerned with any external activity or situation and how it might effect you and/or your service.

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