The Truth of your Being

In the stillness of your own heart flame lays the truth of your being. Your divine plan and your reason for being. To find that place you have to still the outer senses, to control your emotions and to be the director of your mind. The outer self, the ego MUST  be replaced by your divine self, your personal connection with God:

The I AM Presence!

To be able to reach this level you have to overcome fear.

Read my page about love and fear!

Mercy, compassion and forgiveness are the strongest qualities to overcome your human consciousness. This is the Light that overcomes the darkness.

Love will teach you to be humble and accept every other life form on its own spiral of development during its long evolutionary journey. You cannot and need not change anybody or anything but yourself. You will teach by example and in humility.

When your mind and feelings are restless say to yourself repeatedly:

Let there be love

Let there be comfort

Let there be harmony

Let there be peace

Be the outpost of your divine Self. Let your creativity find a pure and diligent instrument to outpicture your divine plan on this earth.

Keep on, keeping on!