Becoming one with God means: following the Will of God for your lifestream. Your individual life becomes more and more a reflection of God’s Will in your actions and radiation. The whole issue of this unification is to stabilize your aura. Be saturated with the Will of God; be permeated with divine love to overcome the fears of the lower self, the ego. Fear is the strongest enemy of peace. Whether it is peace of mind, peace in your feeling world or Peace on Earth. You have to deal with fear first, before you can establish peace. Perfect peace can only then take command over you, when you have relinquished every tendency to insecurity and fear and are totally confident in the Wisdom and Love of the Will of God.  BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!

The currents of peace, harmony and comfort are so very familiar to the people of earth, but they can only last permanently when they are sustained by the personal energies of their own lifestream. The peace that does surpass the understanding of the human mind is a very real possibility to achieve. Patience is the keyword. Patience means the control of your energies, how long it might take, without questioning, knowing, that it will come forth in God’s time. If you can control your energies you already are in peace. When the Eternal Peace of our Mother-Father God is allowed to expand into your being, it will only grow until you reach the point, that you, like Jesus can still the storms on this Planet, physical or emotional, by just saying: ”Peace be still”.


 Not my will but Thine be done. The result of this humble obedience will bring you to places and circumstances you never dreamed of. Putting your focus on the highest always accelerates your vibrations. Every time you focus your attention on your Mother-Father God in the Silence of your innermost being your unity with all life is enhanced and the channel that connects yourself  with Them is broadened, so that the blessings of God can anchor themselves more fully on Earth.

Communicating with God you are doing in the Great Silence. These Sacred Journeys to the Silence, you are supposed to do at a daily base as said before, will bring you ever closer to the Heart of Creation, making you one with the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms. Being in the Silence feels so familiar. The infinitive and all encompassing Loving Consciousness gives a growing stability of the invincibility of eternal life. Become more and more attuned to the Sanctity of the Great Silence. Have reverence…BE REVERENCE! Breathe it in and breathe it out. Life is Holy. It is only the human consciousness, which tries to hide it. Do not let this happen. Sacred Journeys are making ”holes” in your human consciousness. The rhythm of Eternal Beauty, Peace and Harmony are setting the higher vibratory activity, which scatter the human consciousness. When peace has been established firmly in your being and harmony rules supreme over a considerable period of time, joy and happiness can grow till they become a permanent bless-consciousness. Happiness is a state of consciousness that naturally emerges as the pressure of ‘karma and duty’ is being relieved. Duty and work become then the “Joy of Service”, and your life an ever changing adventure. Freedom comes in degrees. You liberate yourself from your weaknesses and karma of the past, so more and more the light of freedom can enter. Victorious accomplishment in the Light of God is your ultimate freedom.


To become more accustomed to our Mother-Father God you have to identify yourself with the Silence and getting used to the idea of “eternally expanding”. The Great Silence is not dark, it is brilliant light, filled with Life, Love, Peace and Harmony. From within the Great Silence you can direct the energies immediately with help of the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Selves of all humanity within their four lower vehicles and surroundings. In this way you serve to enhance the unification of people and societies to one world brotherhood of humankind. The Great Silence is the Source of all energy, vibration and consciousness. It is the “Heart of God”, the Unity of all life. Your consciousness becomes one with God and you ARE GOD as much as you can outpicture God in your evolutionary stage. From the Divine Mind perfect ideas enter your mental body. According to the purity of this body these perfect ideas will manifest as pure, or more or less distorted ideas. Divine Love will radiate through your emotional body. Depending to the purity of your emotional body will be the purity of this love in your feeling world. According to the purity of your lower vehicles shall the Will of God be shown to you. “Transform, transform by Violet Fire all causes and core not of God’s desire”.