The Rhythm of Eternity

Following and obeying the Will of God you’ll find yourself in the rhythm of eternity, which means that every day unfolds according to plan and not necessary according to your plans. There is an underlying purpose to lead you to the opportunities at hand, which will raise your vibratory activity if you obey to follow this rhythm of ascending. The dignity and majesty of your I AM Presence will slowly but surely manifest on the physical plane if you comply with your divine plan and serve the highest good. Divine life is always looking for new ideas and projects to manifest and enliven. Be grateful for changes in your life, because these indicate that you are growing and be made ready for greater responsibilities.

Eternity on the physical plane manifests itself as timelessness, infinite peace and harmony, and all the qualities of the Godhead radiating through this channel of timelessness. Raising, raising, and raising the vibratory activity of all limitations into perfection and opulence. 


To manifest God’s Rhythm and Reality in your daily life you merely have to put your attention on the Presence of God I AM! Everything you need [remember, not always what you want] will come to you and will be provided. And more and more “the Father’s business” will be all you’re occupied with. By doing this you become an ever stronger emissary of God’s Light on this Planet. When this approach of life: “To be in the world, but not of it,” is getting your normal life, your outer self in the world of form will be used by the forces of light: “the Cosmic and Ascended Beings," to accelerate the vibratory activity of the atoms in the physical, etheric, mental and emotional levels of this planet - the worlds of form -, and additionally use your forcefield as a catalyst to soften or prevent the effects of planetary karma.

Communication with God also means, being able to “radiate” and expand your radiation, thus increasing your forcefield. In three dimensional language this signifies finding ways to expand your ideas and plans for the highest good of all concerned. Communication with God is nothing more or less than becoming aware of a Greater Consciousness, a Greater Love and Wisdom, a Greater Power than yourself. How much are you able to contain in your “cup”, your “chalice” of consciousness on this level of your evolution? Use it then for the greater good. It will naturally grow and expand, to sow the seeds of perfection and immortality in the worlds of form. When you change, the world is changing. When you grow in love, wisdom and power, so will the world. Everything is connected and everything depends on everything in the Great Whole. Pierce through the illusions and see the Will of God manifesting through many lifestreams like your own.

Every day is a new opportunity to let the subtle energies of the I AM Presence direct you in which way your path is heading. Each new day is a chance to expand your virtues in the world of form. Be grateful for the gift of life and your never ending journey through eternity. DO NOT let your human will interfere, only then your divine plan can manifest. Your I AM Presence knows your divine plan. When circumstances do not unfold as you planned or expected, don’t let fear interfere. The easiest way of fear to enter the “in between” is through insecurity or uncertainty, which are at the core fear itself. Blaze the Violet Fire through the cause and core of any insecurity and transform it into perfection. Do not expect anything, let go of expectations and the stress to do something quick. All happens in God’s time. Give it your energies but NOT your worries. If you should know everything what will happen in advance, it should rob you from many creative opportunities to expand ‘the Borders of the Kingdom’. Take one day at the time and be FAITH!  Each day is new and offers you opportunities to serve and grow. Always stay tuned and listen to the Voice of your Presence, the Voice of God. Ask for guidance, go forward courageously and let’s see what happens. To know what your next step is on the path of evolution ASK your I AM Presence: “Beloved Presence of God I AM please show me what will be my next step in life.”


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