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The Rhythm of Eternity

In this Silence all outer challenges fade away as if they never were. All energy is recharged and peace restored. It is the place and condition of perfection and eternal growth into greater aspects of the One Life, by some called God, Allah, Jehovah or I AM. The Great Silence is comforting, eternal and ever expanding. It is God Consciousness, That forever increases and enhances the divine virtues and qualities. It is experimenting with life force too, as it is called: “Expand the Borders of the Father’s Kingdom”. The Great Silence is the Center of Balance, the Eternal Now, Unification and expansion ever increasing. It is the Reality you are looking for and once found it will be your anchor in the worlds of form. You will be steady and undisturbed whatever the outer circumstances. When you are firmly anchored in the Silence, you can perceive and know everything you need to know on any subject about the greater good by just directing your attention upon it. However eliminate any personal attachment. Remember, where your attention is upon you become. If you realize in your entire being, that you are one with God, then you are God, and all your energies will follow this pattern of “being God,” which means perfection. These energies will then find their perfect manifestation in your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Working from within the Great Silence you accelerate the vibratory activity of everything in your sphere of influence and this is expanding every time you become more anchored in this Eternal Consciousness. When you concentrate on a quality, for instance peace, in the Great Silence, you can expand it into your sphere of influence or the whole planet. In the Great Silence is no size, nor limitation. You can send love, compassion, unity, etc. as well to a human being as to a Planet or a Solar System. The Great Beings inhabiting the Great Silence expand whatever energy you release, a thousandfold or more to bless that Planet or Solar System to which you direct your energy. In the Great Silence you are God in Action. The Great Silence is the Causeless Cause. It always was and always will be. It just IS! For the human mind it is impossible to comprehend. The reason is, that the human mind has been created; it has a beginning and an end. So it can only contemplate the Eternal Now but never enfold it. The Great Silence just expands for all Eternity. The power of the Silence is also eternal. It manifests in the world of form as a force that transmutes any misqualified energy in a moment, when it is invoked by a consciousness dwelling in that realm. The Power of the Great Silence can become such a permanent and strong radiation in your aura, that everyone you encounter will receive that feeling, you very rarely find in some Temples and Churches, when you are so touched, that you barely dare to whisper.

How immense or how eternal the Great Silence might be, you are always in the center. Everything is energy, vibration and consciousness. You know you are part of a great Life Source, and you are the Life Source of smaller consciousness that you enfold. Unity is the keyword.  Unity in God, or Eternal Bliss, Peace and Harmony. A great rediscovery will be the familiarity of the Silence. It has been a part of you for so long, but you just forgot. It is the womb of the Great Mother, giving birth to Perfection, ANY PERFECTION!

The way to become still and untouched by any outer noise is to CONCENTRATE on the Great Silence and abide within it. Where your attention is, there you are. Then expand that Silence into your sphere of influence, so that the inner peace can manifest in outer peace. Peace, harmony, comfort and silence will manifest in your life and surroundings if you concentrate upon them daily, and keep them in the forefront of your consciousness. The whole issue to hold your consciousness in the Great Silence is to accelerate the vibratory activity in your world and surroundings. When you always radiate perfection, finally your world has to outpicture that too. Expanding yourself in the Silence you feel more and more at one with God, realizing that it is your life pulsating in the Cosmos and in all Creation, because there is nothing else than I AM THAT I AM, and you are humble and grateful, so very, very grateful.

There is no divine quality or faculty in the Universe that you cannot develop in yourself. Needed are attention, invocation, rhythmic application and reverence. It will then manifest in God’s time. Divine qualities have to be nourished and sustained to grow, as all life forms are. Everything grows and prospers by ATTENTION!  By practicing, practicing, practicing the athlete becomes master in his or her skills. The same with the inner faculties and qualities. You have to practice, apply and work with them to make them strong and invincible. Many things happen on the inner levels that take a while before they manifest on the physical plane. Be FAITH and know that all is for the overall good.

The cunning of your lower vehicles to catch your attention, even when you want to be in the Silence is extraordinary. Through eons of time they were able to do so. The power of concentration is really necessary to show them who is in charge. When you concentrate upon the powers and energies you invoked in the Silence, you become one with them and responsible for them. Use them for the highest good of all life. The Great Silence can be found in every atom and electron on any plane of consciousness. It is the Spirit of God the Eternal One, the I AM THAT I AM!