During the process of reintegration with God you find yourself often wondering why certain manifestations are taking place in your world. In the physical world matters change slightly or considerably, often unexpected. Do not become disappointed or frightened. Just accept it and go with the flow. Karmic debts are being paid or you have to learn certain lessons, perhaps about tolerance, patience, humility, etc. You're also being prepared for service in the not too distant future. Have faith in the Presence of God, that all is for a reason and in divine order.

Realizing your oneness with all life, everything that seemed to be "normal" no longer is. You become aware that the entire outer world is covered with effluvia, the "dust", or "mud" of the human consciousness. Even the beautiful nature scenes are shrouded in this effluvia. With you inner sight you're able to see the indwelling beauty and brilliance of all that is. It is not so much a view as well a feeling, an inner sense, that the core of all things is perfect.

 "God" is not defined. The all pervading light of the universe and the Universe beyond the Universe, and universes that have not yet come to pass, are all a small part of the Infinite All encompassing Consciousness. There is not such a "thing as God". There is Sacred Fire, containing energy, vibration and consciousness, creative and ever expanding. The 'Ring pass not' of that consciousness is his or her universe, whether it has the scope of an atom with an electron or a galaxy. There is no size in the Father's Kingdom. All life is considered holy and treated with reverence as a homage to the Great Source we all came from and are connected with and at the core ARE! The Rhythm of Eternity is something that only gradually takes over your human hurry and stress. There is no time involved, only vibration and consciousness. You have to consciously and deliberately encourage [not force] your lower vehicles to vibrate on a higher level by outpicturing perfection in thought, feeling, word and deed. To outpicture the perfection of your I AM Presence you have to focus your attention on the Inner Reality of Light. God is energy, light; qualify this in any quality your Holy Christ Self is directing you. When you are one with your  I AM Presence you are one with God and everything you wish or want to establish will happen and manifest. By revering God and Life, by having patience and total faith in what you have decreed, it will come forth on the screen of life. The Sacred Fire can be directed to all people in your surroundings through their I AM Presence and Holy Christ Selves into their emotional, mental, etheric and physical vehicles. So you can expand Peace, Harmony or any other God Quality into your environment from within the Great Silence. Let it precede by the Violet Fire.

Breathing in Eternal Life is to be in the world of Cause even when you wear lower garments. The pressure of the higher energies will greatly stimulate the vibratory activity of these four lower vehicles.

Faith in God is not something coming from without to comply too, but is a faculty of your very Self, your connection with God and your inner conviction that all is well, all is very, very well. See through the outer form and connect with the Presence of God within every creature you encounter. Acknowledge the light of God within the other and send forth a blessing. In that way we participate to establish an Octave of Light (A high spiritual level of consciousness) on the physical plane. Guard your thoughts, guard your feelings and guard your words. Let them be pure and perfect. Then your actions will automatically follow this pattern. Your four lower vehicles will eventually pick up this higher vibration on a more permanent base. But remember, all in God's Time.

Faith and trust in the continuation of your spiritual growth will stimulate the natural resources to give you the expansion of consciousness as comfortable and gradual as the physical growth of a child. Be alert and attentive for the opportunities of unselfish service that always present themselves to you in the course of the days and weeks to come, because the only way to expand your consciousness is to be ready to accept more responsibility. In the Great Silence all the perfect ideas and plans are available. You don't have to create ideas, just choose and apply. Every new idea is like a seed in the Causal Body of the Godhead. To make it manifest, the consciousness of an individual has to claim it as his or her own and feed it with the waters of his or her emotions and the sunlight of positive thoughts and plans to make it grow and flourish. However acknowledge that every pure thought or idea comes from God, the Doer, the Doing and the Deed. The divine ideas blossom on the right moment in the hearts and minds of the individual, who is ready and grasps the opportunity. The only necessary quality is being alert of the requirement of the moment. When the ego is in its proper place out of the control of your lifestream, a continuation of energy can begin, from the I AM Presence to the outer consciousness, accelerating and enhancing the vibratory activity of the four lower vehicles and through them the four lower vehicles of the Planet.




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