The Expansion of Consciousness!,

The effort of becoming one with God is not a part of the human self, which wants to become one with God, because it can't. It is the ATTENTION of the consciousness on God, the "Heart of the Great Silence;" and to do this in a rhythmic way; monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and finally at all times, 24 hours a day. When your consciousness is more and more focused on the Great Silence and your bodies purified, an aura of sanctity establishes around you, which is stronger than any human vibration and condition. Then you will always be in peace and harmony, under any circumstance. When you are completely and unconditionally focused on the Presence of God I AM, your divine plan unfolds naturally and comfortably. You do not expect anything but give your all to the service at hand.

Just like electricity is formless but very powerful, so is God's energy. We have to create forms, pieces of art, ideas, plans, and ways of living to give God's Life-energy form in this world. It is always aimed at the highest good for all. The 'Great Silence' will enfold you in all the protection, transmutation, harmony, love, wisdom, power or anything you need. When this has been done, it begins to expand into your sphere of influence and that expansion will never stop again. So is the expansion of your consciousness.


To communicate with God you don't have to go far. You do not have to "call" to God, because He is already here. It is the life that makes your heart beat, the life that enables you to feel and think. Only remove the illusions of the outer self and create as God Creates. Communication in the Great Silence takes place instantaneously. Where your attention goes, there you are, realizing that all other parts of life are Your Being, how bright or dim their light may shine forth. 

Beloved ones, like humans communicate with each other by words and actions, so do Planets and other Cosmic Entities communicate by magnificent patterns of colors and sounds, the so called: "Music of the Spheres." To be a part of this symphony of color and music, you have to become crystal pure in your thinking and feeling world and totally committed to do the Will of God. The splendor of your Causal Body will indicate to the Cosmic Beings, Who do frequently visit this planet, in what kind of service you'll be asked to participate.  Because service it will always be, through all eternity as has been told before.


And then, what will happen? When you courageously and tenaciously 'keep on, keeping on,' you will notice a slight but very important change in your life. It will happen very gradually, but clearly as a sign that you are serving on a higher level of consciousness. It feels as if your aura is expanded [and it is] and you are on an Island of peace, harmony and an ever-growing joy and bliss by the conscious experience of the gift of life. The emanations of the mass-consciousness are no longer able to permeate the "hem of your garment," your aura. You can compare it a little by sitting in the cinema, watching a movie. What ever happens on the screen, you are in a different place and nothing can affect you, unless you let it, by getting emotionally involved. So also in this state of consciousness. You must not get emotionally involved with what you see or encounter. Your task is to radiate the Sacred Fire in your sphere of influence and help where help is required.


But never leave your state of consciousness, what is often referred too as: "A state of listening grace." When you are in a state of  "Listening Grace", which is complete harmony and peace, on a permanent base, all things are possible. What do you want to manifest in your life?  It can be a project or an idea, but also the radiation of certain qualities you want to share with your fellowman through their I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. The currents of this quality or qualities can become so strong and powerful that you can create "an Octave of Light" on the physical level of existence. Then you can be of the maximum assistance. Also the sustenance of peace is necessary to reflect the countenance of the Infinite Presence. This world with ever changing circumstances and challenges is a perfect schoolroom to teach you mastery in peace.