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The strengthening 
of the aura

Wherever your attention goes, there your energy is going, which is your life. Be sure, that the focus of your attention always is directed on the “highest” in any circumstance of your life. Then the natural result will be perfection. Don’t ask questions out of curiosity, but always be on “the Father’s business”. Your life is a service, because service is the physical manifestation of that power, which is experienced on the Inner Realms as Light. How more you radiate light, the stronger and greater the Flame becomes, the Sacred Fire, which is the “Breath and Life of God”. The permanent bless-consciousness is a natural result of the focusing and concentration of your attention on the I AM Presence, which is your connecting with your Mother-Father God.

It is all right to nourish creative ideas about your own future and how you would like it to be. However do not use your human will to force them into existence. Send it up to your I AM Presence, Who knows your divine plan and that what you need to experience will come forth. Let the Silence penetrate every part of your being and every situation in your life. Know at all times, that God is in command and open your heart and mind to the promptings of your inner Christ.

The stability of your aura has to gain strength and momentum. This is the reason that you will often encounter many difficulties to test the power of this stability. There are a thousand and one reasons in this outer world to loose your equilibrium and balance, and only one to keep it: “To become master of your own energies.” This must become a major reason to follow your path to mastery. The way to mental clearness and emotional stability is often disturbed by hurtful memories of pain and limitations. Be free of the past. FORGIVE the past. Blaze the Violet Fire of Freedoms Love, Transformation and Forgiveness through your etheric body and allow only happy and cheerful memories to surface. Do not let yourself disturb by any outer circumstance and command the vehicle, which feels uncomfortable to be still and know that I AM God. Project the peace, stability and inner light of the higher planes of consciousness through this vehicle and only continue, when harmony is restored.

The crystal purity of divine life must be the strongest memory in your etheric consciousness. How strong is your faith in God, your patience, and your endurance? It will last for a period of time, till you rely totally on the perfect working of the Law. It takes time and effort to train your aura not to respond any more to the vibrations of the outer world. For countless periods of time you’ve encountered difficulties and instabilities, due to your dependence on your ego. It takes a tremendous effort to shake this influence off. Your human self has tricked you for thousands of years to make you believe anything, with the main reason of putting fear into your mind, so it can control you. It still tries to attract your attention on things you no longer need. Sometimes it succeeds in arousing old customs. Don’t let this happen again.  It is only make believe. Let go and let God. All is unfolding unto plan. Follow the promptings of your I AM Presence and welcome and embrace change. Changing of situation or environment is God in Action, as long as you do not give in to fear of any kind. Be always alert to keep your balance. Be love in Action.

Again and again you will be tested, until you accept that there are no coincidences in your life, and everything is building to the mastery of your energies. Peace and harmony have to be unshakeable. With other words: "The Presence of God I AM" has to behold the world with a clear view through a pure vessel, to establish the works of God on this Planet. The tests and challenges you will encounter come most of the time  unexpected and at once. If they come immediately focus on your faith in the divine order of God’s plan. Balance your energies and let harmony rule supreme. A strong inner focus on the Octaves of Light is necessary, when you perform your “Father’s business” on this plane of existence. We call it: “To be in the world, but not of it”. Concentration on the highest, when so called “difficulties” present themselves to you, is adamant to sustain the flow of light and peace from the Presence. Finally out of all these tests and challenges will come a confidence, trust and faith in God that never shall be shaken again. Like a diamond heart of faith, you stand now before the “Face of God” and know that all your doubts and attempts to please your ego were illusions. They were shadows that pass and will be no more. When you’re no longer ‘chased´ by your ego to do a “thousand different things in a minute”, peace can enter your world. You have eternity in front of you and all takes place in God’s Time. Do not hurry and do not be slow; let your divine plan unfold in the process. Multiple blessings will go THROUGH you as a channel for the greater good. Stay in the Realm of Cause and charge your thoughts and feelings with the energies of perfection of this Realm. BE God in Action at all times.


To become master of your energies, you must not allow your vehicles to vibrate with a lower vibration, may it be noise or loud music. Concentrate on the Peace of the Great Silence. Before the Ascension Flame can totally raise you up to the Higher Octaves of Light, the Earthly pull of old habits, fears and emotions must be purified and transmuted. The statement: “I have perfect faith in God’s Will to direct me in everything I do! For this reason I shall remain silent to perceive God’s Will and shall not act until my direction is clear”, is a very practical and wise principle to comply to. It is your compass to put faith in nothing else than the Presence of God I AM. Especially during those times in your day-to-day life when you have to make many decisions, how shallow they may seem to be. Always guard your thoughts. Keep your attention on what you want to achieve and focus upon it. Do not let your mental body decide what you may think. Finally when you think everything is quiet and stable in your life an unexpected event occurs, on which you are totally not prepared. These are tests to show your Ascended Guides if you finally have full faith in your I AM Presence or still try to put control of events in the hands of your ego. When darkness closes all around you, and you cannot see a way out, focus on your Presence.

The only way to overcome the shadows of fear is not only to believe they are illusions, but to KNOW it with the same certainty you know, that after every night the sun will rise. As long as you ACCEPT that the illusion is real, IT IS, and then it can harm you. Don’t let this happen. Always remember when you are in the peace period between tests and challenges, that love is the motivating power that leads you through these experiences and guides you to your ultimate mastery and freedom. Have complete faith that you will be guided through this test. These tests are tools to stabilize your inner faculties. You may not be shaken again and stand as a crystal pillar of liquid light in the Temple of the Most High. To become master of your own energies, you need to visit places where balance is of the utmost necessity. Whether this will be on the physical plane: for instance, at the edge of an abyss, on the mental plane to face responsibility at any time, or on the emotional plane, where all the negative waves of energy run rampant on this planet at times. Say to these energies: “Be still and know that I AM God.” The training in mastery will continue into higher fields of endeavor and never stop again.