The magic of the autumn colors and the fragrances of falling leaves together with all kind of herbs always gives us a feeling of excitement and joy when we stroll through the dry or wet leaves in the woods or on the field.

The reason for this is our inner as well as outer connection with the Nature Kingdom. We have to learn once again how to harmonize our rhythm with the Rhythm of Nature. Only then we can overcome stress and heal our physical body and ease our emotional and mental worlds. A good way is to breath healthy. By deep and rhythmic breathing you can even extend the length of your physical existence.


The Breath is your Life. With every breath you build the substance of your life within your bodies. Even qualities can be built in and accelerated in your being. Use the Breathing Pattern, which you can find on the pages of the Holy Spirit. Read about this subject in the pages of the Holy Spirit, the Giver of your first breath and the Taker of your last.