In the autumn nature is gathering its harvest. There is an elemental harvest each year as there is an angelic harvest as well as a harvest of humanity offered at the feet of the Lord of the World.

What will our harvest look like? What have the ones of us, who are in your fifties done to make this Earth a better place? What will the ones of us, who are in their thirties sow to ensure a wonderful harvest in the autumn of their lives? Think about it. Act upon this.

We are in this world for a reason. Everyone has to follow the uniqueness of his/her divine plan. We have to awake to make a difference on this Planet. To awake to the reality of our divine plan. For many lifetimes we've struggled to discover the meaning of life on earth, which is to become master over our own energies and fulfill our divine plan, which we already followed more or less conscious during our many sojourns on this orb.


We are only responsible for our own thoughts, feelings, words and actions. So be alert in what you think, say, feel, act or react upon. The decisions you make in this lifetime will for the greater part develop the surroundings and conditions you have to encounter in your next life on Earth. Be very cautious how you travel through the Universe and use, use, use the sacred Violet Fire of Freedom's Love.