An Address by Beloved Holy Æolus

(Re-printed at the special request of the Karmic Board)


The Law of Life is so simple in its essence that humanity passes it by for the very complicated involved terminology with which they have completely smothered the Truth.

The Law of the NEW AGE; the Religion of the NEW AGE will be so simple that no study will be required to understand it. It is the Law of Harmony. Some people call it LOVE, but when you call it Love, you immediately begin to enter into variations of expression and interpretations that distort its true sense.

As the Representative of the Holy Spirit, it is My Office to present to humankind the plain Truth so that "all who run may read"

Life is Energy. Every man, woman and child that breathes draws that energy into themselves by a conscious action, for the inbreath is a drawing into one's self from the One Source - GOD - the priceless Energy that is His Life, and when an individual does this, he or she becomes accountable to the whole Universe for the use of that energy loaned to him by the Godhead.

The breath in your body is yours because you drew it forth from the Heart of God. In your inner soul you promised God that you would enrich His Universe if He would allow you the use of His Life and God, being LOVE, granted your request and gave you all the love you required - and still does - with but one counsel or condition that His Life or Energy must go forth from you qualified harmoniously to bless and enrich His people and His Universe and all its parts.

If the energy is not qualified harmoniously, the Cosmic Law governing the Universe is that your own Holy Christ Self will draw that energy back into your world after it has accomplished that for which it was sent forth, and it comes back with the same qualification with which you clothed it on its outward journey, amplified by vibrations of a like quality which it has attracted to itself while it was absent from your aura. The reason for this is that the evolving soul may team first the nature of the energy he (or she) is using, and second that the Guiding Intelligence within their own soul is an integral part of God and therefore LOVE IN ACTION. The outer personality is then forced to team, from this return of their own energy, that it is more comfortable to abide by the Law of Harmony and enrich the Universe by the Life that God has loaned them, than to suffer the consequences caused by the unlawful use of the Fire-Breath of God.

The particular traits and characteristics that annoy you in other people are, almost without exception, the energy of your own world that you have sent out in a similar manner in previous lives. Your Holy Christ Self shows you how discordantly qualified energy distorts the Universe. When the individual becomes uncomfortable enough, he or she feels and speaks resentfully of these appearances, but if the person would recognize that he or she has created these very things in the past, they would, on encountering them, call on the Law of Forgiveness for their part in creating those inharmonious appearances and then, through their knowledge of the Sacred Fire, blaze the Cosmic Fire of Freedom's Love through the cause and effect of such a manifestation. Thus, they would not only be cleansing and purifying their own consciousness and world of the cause and effect of these qualities, but they would be helping to eradicate them completely from the Universe in general.  

If a person is big enough to bless those human appearances that manifest in the lifestreams of those around him into Freedom, he will find those very annoying traits and characteristics will cease to appear in his own world because the law of his lifestream is that when it is cleansed and purified from those habits that he dislikes, and their momentum consumed in the Flame, he will not be required to live under the pressure of any experience that is not of his own making.

Your Holy Christ Self is your only Judge. It is your Mentor and your Spiritual Teacher and, until you fully awaken to a full realization of your own Identity, is consciously and constantly returning the energy that you have sent out discordantly qualified in the past, asking you to bless it, charge the purifying Flame through it, and set it free once more into that glorious state of Peace and Happiness which it knew before you drew it into your world through the conscious act of breathing.

When the energy which you have drawn forth from Life to date has been harmoniously requalified and freed, THEN THE EARTH CAN NO LONGER HOLD YOU! Your Divine Plan is completed! Your service to Earth is finished, and you rise an Ascended Being, having completed your cycle of individual evolution and learned the Law of Harmony... which is the Law of the Universe.



Saint Germain and other Members of the Ascended Host are balancing and removing thousands of tons of misqualified energy from the Earth and its people daily and yearly, and I trust, for the sake of your own speedy freedom, that you will learn to live gently and kindly and that you realize when you experience - through others - that which seems to be so distressing, is not really some other person's fault but the reflection of what you have done to Life through the centuries, and that you will use the Purifying Flame of Freedom's Love unceasingly so as to banish it forever from God's Universe.

    Blessing and Love,

[From: The Journal, March 1980]

Beloved Holy Æolus, the Cosmic Holy Spirit