The gifts and blessings of the divine quality of victory can and often do appear to take on many forms. Victory can be accomplished despite any and all outward appearances! True victory in the Light is actually the ability to sustain a pure and perfect connection with God through the harmony and peace of the ever-increasing vibration of one's true being in spite of the chaos and dissonance of the world and others around you.

Victory is when an individual remains on the path of the Middle Way serenely attuned to the Presence of the great I AM THAT I AM in a perfect state of listening grace, even when individuals and events attempt to solicit and appeal to the lower levels of vibration in your being.

Victory is when you are truly free of all distractions of the outer world! Victory is when you have maintained your unity and union with God even when it appears to others you may have lost faith or failed in some endeavor according to the standards or ideals of the outer world. Victory is when you freely and unceasingly remain the pure chalice and channel through which God bestows divine qualities and blessings to all life on planet Earth.


Victory is when you go forth among all people to silently and anonymously enlighten and dispense the ever- expanding Vibration, Wisdom and Light of God with your every breath, thought, feeling, action and heartbeat. Victory is when you fulfill your responsibility to raise and hold the energy for the planet.

Victory is when you freely and steadfastly focus and release the divine plan, the teachings, the spreading of the "word", and the ever increasing higher energies and vibrations, regardless of whether anyone listens, reads or accepts these efforts; for this beloved one, is your covenant with God! In the fulfillment of this promise, continue always to increase, maintain and sustain the forward movement of the Earth and all life upon it toward its divine destiny.

Victory is when you diligently and unfailingly become the living example and manifestation of God's Divine Virtues and Qualities! Victory is when you have dedicated yourself to the one true purpose for all life—the re-awakening of the knowledge of your Unity, your Oneness as the Universal God Consciousness!

Victory is yours to have now and forever sustained beloved ones. All you have to do is claim it!