The time has come, whether humanity is ready or not, when life on this planet, especially human life, must rise above the difficulties within yourselves and with each other by transmuting and dissolving your differences of race, religion, cultures and ideals which have separated you one from the other for countless eons of time.

In the grand design of God's Divine Plan it is now time to look beyond the needs of planet Earth alone and begin working with the greatly more elevated and stronger energies of the higher realms. You ask, "How can this be done?" In the way you do all things, beloved ones! You must place your attention upon where you would like to be, then work hard to reach your goal and finally remain there.

This explanation in itself sounds simple enough but as every chela knows, accomplishing this enormous task is quite another matter. I well remember many lifetimes where, even when the power to do God's Will was strong within me, my attention would wonder far a field and oftentimes I fell well short of my objective. It was only by the Grace of God that through the various opportunities presented to me over many lifetimes to expand my gift to life, I was finally able to overcome my inability to remain centered and focused upon my goal. I assure you that the same is true for you.

Once again I say to you: It is time, beloved ones, to relinquish your self and human will, to truly embrace the Will of God as those of us in the higher realms continue to embrace and support your every effort!

Your command is to expand, expand and continue to expand the light, constantly channeling the divine qualities and blessings from the higher octaves to the Earth. And you can only fulfill this purpose simply by your silent, sincere, diligent and humble example.

El Morya