In using The Flame of Freedom and in the giving of freedom, there must be a great sense of discrimination. That is why the Freedom Flame is known also as the transmuting and purifying activity, because when that activity of purification and transmutation of the lower nature has taken place, then life in whatever form it functions, maybe freed with safety to all concerned, and a great sense of liberation and God-joy to that life which was imprisoned may be accomplished.



Every time you use that word "Violet Fire" or "Mercy's Flame", and every time you think, and every time you feel with intense feeling the buoyancy within that purification, you draw a greater and greater momentum of Its efficacy into your four lower bodies. As you are part of the consciousness of all humankind, you draw that also into the consciousness of the emotional world, the mental world, the etheric and the physical worlds of the entire nine billion souls belonging to this evolution, even though some of them of course are not presently embodied.


We are grateful in the extreme that the Violet Fire Temples provided for those who have passed through so-called death are becoming more and more popular and the individuals, particularly those with an orthodox consciousness, enter them now joyously without any sense of hesitancy or fear due to teachings of "hell fire", "purgatory" and "damnation". Unfortunately, this magnificent Violet Fire has been confused with the fire of hell and the fires of purgatory, where great suffering was assumed to be part of the soul's lot earned by misdeeds.

As these people find that this Violet Fire is not painful and is not a punishment but is rather a joyful purification that changes the entire consciousness of the orthodox peoples when they have passed through the change called death and they joyously welcome the use of that Violet Fire through the assistance of the Angels of the Violet Fire and through the Violet Fire Temples provided at inner levels - gradually, even in the physical world, you will see less and less of the doctrine of damnation stressed from the pulpits and the leaders of the various religions will turn their instruction toward immortality and toward a merciful God.


As the knowledge and cognizance of the Ascended Masters of Light and the Angelic Host and other Great Beings becomes more widespread, it will not be as difficult to draw forth the activities of the Sacred Fire for there will be more receptivity. Individuals who have passed from the body, who have witnessed the Violet Fire, who have benefitted by It, who have sat at the feet of the Masters in one of the Temples of Light and then who are born again, will come into embodiment much more pliable and much more receptive to Our instruction and to Our teaching.