Peace can only be acquired by sustained harmony. The harmony of your inner being is your ultimate protection. Why? Because when you are in harmony you are in full control of your energies. You are in control of your thoughts and feelings. Nothing will go out from you but positive and perfect energies. To be able to do this at all times is Mastery. Peace and Joy are the same. Peace is Joy at rest and Joy is Peace dancing. Hence the cheerful background music.



Blessed Seekers after Peace: Mastery is the ability to control a situation without words and without any apparent outer action. A Master can hold the Peace within a room or a nation, by the mere exhalation of Cosmic Peace drawn and focused through his own heart. The difficult thing for western students to learn is to leave off "wordiness" that in the silence of their tongues, they may hear their hearts speak and the souls of other men who perhaps have much to give. It seems so frequently at a meeting of western students that each one is waiting with bated breath for a pause in the conversation that he may jump in with his concepts and ideas. Thus each man is so enamored of the little knowledge or stories he projects into each conversation, that he hears not anything but the things in his own world, and these are sometimes worn thin from his own repeating.



Beloved ones, in the Silence the power is generated, and in the Silence is the lesson learned from the heart of Truth. That is why in the Eastern Retreat chelas are bound by pledges of absolute silence. Thus their lower selves are stopped from constant chatter until the Great Self is heard within them, and then no longer do they wish to express the idle nothings of the lesser selves.


Silence is the Way of Peace. In the Silence one cannot incite another to anger nor draw down unnecessary impediments to his own progress. In the Silence one does not set up the causes that reverberate as destructive effects farther on upon the road. The Breath of God is too pregnant with Power to be used so lightly. Much outer turmoil would be avoided if the Breath were conserved within the body until it could be sent forth to accomplish a good purpose.


Your every thought and feeling are, either adding to Beauty or destroying Harmony.



It will be seen then that if you live every minute imbued with the consciousness that only harmonious radiation is the entrance to that Kingdom you will eventually attain the point where your own vibratory action will fit you to dwell with all Life that has already learned, and become the Law of Love.

The Maha Chohan