It has been stated before that it is not in retreating to a monastery or mountain top where divinity will lie, but rather detaching yourself from the things of the outer world, while remaining in it.



I would like to re-confirm that through countless embodiments you have mastered all experiences necessary to be a spiritual guide in the world, in this embodiment. You have had many relationships, learned many lessons, have been rich and poor, healthy and ill, and these experiences have all been mastered. You have had countless clans and other relationships on the physical plane and these you have understood.

There is one great experience that you have not yet mastered... and that of course is to be the fullness of your own Divine Reality while in embodiment. Why then cling to any experience less than that. We encourage all chelas to come out of the monasteries and retreats and to serve their fellow humans - to be in the world but not of it.



You must establish a Consciousness to live and exist in the world but be not of it. Discern that contemplation of Truth brings Illumination... Illumination practiced and lived becomes Peace... and Peace sustained becomes mastery. Ponder this for a time.

Many of you are at the level of contemplating Truth and gaining Illumination. Some fewer of you are at the level of living that Illumination and discovering true Peace and it is in that Realm of Peace where the New Age of Spiritual Freedom will be anchored. 



May I emphasize again that one of the major shifts in Consciousness in the New Age... is coaching humanity to directly approach the One Universal Consciousness. The point here is for each one... to be more contemplative on a day to day basis... to listen more attentively for the teaching and subtle influence of their own guru... and your own Divine Presence and your own magnificent Christus... that you might outpicture within your own aura the gifts of your full momentum of perfection.  



In closing I remind you of the teachings of the Buddhas ~ THE CONTEMPLATION OF TRUTH BRINGS ILLUMINATION ~ ILLUMINATION PRACTICED AND LIVED BRINGS PEACE ~ THE SUSTAINING OF PEACE BRINGS MASTERY... therein lies your mastery in the Spiritual Realm.