The factor to be contemplated today is time. As beings that are at this moment working within a time-space framework it is very easy to become caught up in feelings of a need to rush and work with haste. There are those who encourage “rush, rush, rush! Time is running out! Do it now! Hurry, hurry, hurry!” and on and on and on….!

But consider it is a person poor in consciousness who attaches to the belief that a loving Divinity will not provide an opportunity for them – in which they may live, move, breathe and have Being! Yes the New Age is truly upon us but the forward move is in all ways a steady and sure walking onward into the Light – confident upon your Path! The Path of Light is a Way of Life! The Path of Light is a Way of Life! The feeling of a need for haste comes from many things and most if not all of these things are a part of the human consciousness and not of the Divine; the fear of failure, or the fear that one has not accomplished all that they should have done; the fear of abandonment or of being ‘left behind’; and on and on. These ‘reasons’ are all rooted in fear, and as such have no productive value that can be imparted to the human who seeks Spiritual Consciousness.

Even as you hear or read these words and begin to know their meaning, relax into the Love of the Divine… knowing your path will always be made clear before you. Just keep your awareness centered upon the Love and Will of God… breathe it in and keep on moving steadily along becoming more and more the sacred expression of Divinity you are here to be! You are here to BE… for you know I AM the Divine Image manifesting perfection in my Being and World!

Naught is wasted in any of your experiences. They form the bread you eat from which you steadily grow in spiritual understanding. Always remain the Divine Image you are… that beautiful Presence from which you descended into this world of form, which enfolds you even within itself manifesting itself in and through you at all times! This must always be at the forefront of your consciousness!

Be at ONE with the I AM Presence. For there is no separation unless you so choose to live in this illusion and who would so choose?

It is time to enter into this present era in silence and with the Love of the Christ within (your heart ~ editor) releasing and expanding waves of Light from your very heart center. Let it all be free now! Let it be free to move outward from you, to enfold all life, even as you come forth from the Silence that has enfolded you. Take this moment to feel this Love and yes… Sacrifice! Through Sacrifice all is made Sacred. Through the love of one lifestream – ascended or unascended – who has developed the ability to give Love with no thought of return… all life upon this beloved Earth planet is made Sacred. This will tell you that all life upon this beloved Earth is Sacred. This will tell you that all life upon this Earth is already sacred because of the sacrifice of others for so long. But ongoing sacrifice is necessary to keep life blessed in this way! Many have forgotten to give Love with no thought of return!

A primary cause of discomfort in the human situation is the lack of true understanding of the nature of rhythm. Habits of behavior are all created by rhythm; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your Being are created by rhythm. Therefore, watch with loving care the rhythms that you have built into your life, and check that each rhythm creates only that with is positive. Unconstructive habits are created by rhythm as are high-quality habits. If you assume a divine virtue which you feel you are lacking then rhythm will build it into your character as a permanent feature and it will be yours forever.

Rhythm is beauty; rhythm of movement, rhythm of breath, rhythmic thinking and feeling, and doing only that which is harmonious can change your world into radiant Light. Through the rhythmic rays of the sun, the waves of the air, the heartbeat of the Earth, the flow of the water, and the all-pervading life force in all space, be thou whole! Be aware of the enormous energy that moves the universe in perfect rhythm. This enormous force that holds the stars and the galaxies in place is none other than you. It is part of the whole… the One Universal Consciousness that you are an integral element of. It is the rhythmic ocean of which you are a rhythmic wave. There is no real boundary between you and the entire universe for you extend far, far beyond your physical form. You are part of a wholeness which is magnificent and beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Your spirit and essence is eternal and shall grow in splendor.

Retune the rhythm of your lower self until it is in perfect harmony with that which is the most extraordinary and exquisite, and begins to vibrate in rhythmic harmony with the universe and with the music of the spheres for it is your purpose to do so.

Rhythm is a very powerful force in your life, for it builds into your character that which you are and that which you are to become. Have rhythmic courage – courage to appreciate all that is holy, courage to encourage all that is required of you; to take up responsibility.