Since self-government is the foundation of freedom this is where I will begin. Now that you know how important this concept is, it is time to consider how best to claim it. I stated earlier that every individual of the human race must become a leader at all levels so let us look at some of the qualities that make a good leader to see if these can also assist in creating or improving the quality of self-government in your life.

First and foremost, you must have courage! You must be brave, daring, and bold but you must temper this courage with graciousness, understanding and moderation, always being polite, thoughtful, and respectful. You must communicate honestly and clarify any misunderstandings as soon as they develop. When needed, you must also learn to make the hard decisions and see them through.


Second, you must have a vision! Be it for one day or your entire life! Have a good idea about what it is you want to do, where you want to go and how you want to get there successfully. It must be clear in your mind. This does not mean that a vision cannot change. In fact, know that some visions will and must change for they are often nothing more than the way to get you started on something. Or they may be dependent upon the choices of others, and you must then learn to work together.

Third, you must be humble! However, in no way does this mean you are weak, lacking, or vulnerable. This gift assists you greatly in containing your ego so that you can fully listen to what others have to say. It also allows you to admit when you don’t have all the answers to life’s many challenges or made a mistake. When you are humble you are confident and, in this confidence, you are conscious and mindful of the needs of others and sensitive to their individual value without feeling threatened. 


Fourth, you must be hopeful! In this state you are optimistic, excited about life, and think often about the future. You are encouraged by what you see and share this positive attitude with others always recognizing their potential so that they too can look to their future and enjoy being around you.

Fifth, you must have integrity! With this trait you are ethical and honorable, knowing absolutely what is right and what is wrong, and you will not be compromised. You are reliable and keep your promises. You also communicate truthfully, always taking other people’s thoughts, words, and feelings into consideration. For these reasons you are often respected and admired by others. 


Sixth, you must have focus! And you must be able to keep your attention upon your task no matter how big or how small, fully aware of what is going on around you. You must also be able to concentrate upon your needs and the needs of others, especially those close to you, be they co-workers, friends, family, or acquaintances. Because of this you are generous with yourself and remember to encourage others for their every effort.

Seventh, you must be the example! Display the behavior you want those around you to follow. Be willing to set high standards for yourself and ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Learn to have mercy and compassion instead of judging others for you will definitely never have the whole picture of why someone does the things they do. Above all forgive and this includes yourself beloved ones. Learn from your mistakes!

And finally, you must cooperate! Discover how to work well with others. Collaborate with those around you to complete your tasks more easily. As you accommodate the needs of others your needs will also be met. Physically support them but also remember to be of assistance at inner levels. There will be times when individuals are so caught up in their own ‘stuff’ that this may be the only way to lend a hand.

 El Morya