During countless ages of time humankind tried to communicate with God by means of an intermediate, be it a religion, a church, a priest, a 'holy book' or any other medium. From now on this has no longer be the case. We can communicate with God directly without any intermediate. How?

Firstly we have to believe that this is possible. According to your Faith all will be possible. The next step is to purify your four lower vehicles or else you will be disturbed by the many voices of those bodies, which each have their needs and your concern. Use the 'Middle Way' in dealing with your bodies. Don't spoil them and don't over-discipline them. How to purify and discipline your bodies you can read in our pages about the Violet Fire.  


Your bodies have to become in alignment in obedient service to your Holy Christ Self. You have to BECOME your Holy Christ Self and listen to His [or Her] Voice all the time, before you can hear God's Voice. To be able to follow the directives of your Holy Christ Self you must be strong enough to conquer your ego! You have followed the machinations of your ego through countless periods of time during many embodiments, and it is very clever in shrouding you in its illusions, especially by fear. This will be your greatest battle: CONQUERING THE HUMAN SELF.





No one else can do this for you. In this battle you have to totally rely on and trust your Holy Christ Self to guide you in everything you think, feel and do. This will be a serious battle in which you will emerge ever stronger. You will be confronted with your greatest fears and will conquer them. Knowing without any doubt, that the Presence of God is within you, and no evil will harm you.

That will be your next step. When you are completely integrated with your Holy Christ Self and all self serving tendencies are transmuted by the Violet Fire you are ready to become one with your I AM Presence, your personal connection with God. This unification means the end of the dominion of your ego, your human self. You must not try to exterminate it, but relinquish it.





Putting it out of the control of your lifestream. It is a long and sometimes tedious struggle, but worthwhile. The ultimate reward is your unification with God by becoming one with your I AM Presence. Your human ego will use all the tricks he [or she] has used during the long course of your evolution to trap you and in the darkness bind you. Don't let this happen. Say to your ego: "Human ego be gone. I no longer accept the many traps and pitfalls you have used through my many lifetimes in an attempt to block my spiritual development and keep me from becoming one with God!"