In the divine order of all things change is an absolutely necessary part of life, for without it how can the constant, ever-upward, spiraling ascension of all things in the universe back into the heart of God take place? It is cosmic law and even scientific fact in the evolution of life that nothing can or will remain the same. There must always be movement of some kind. In fact, you will find that whenever this has been attempted, wherever change has not been allowed to take place, where adaptation has not occurred; no matter how slight, the lifeform, condition or situation has or shall cease to exist. Remember always that without change growth cannot take place! 


Take for example, the Christian Dispensation. In most respects Christianity is very different from what it was when beloved Jesus brought forth God's teachings and laid its very foundation two thousand years ago. For due to the various needs of each group of people who came together to study, to serve and to worship God as beloved Jesus taught; minor changes were often implemented. At times differences in ideas, policy or interpretation of the teachings offered caused so many changes that minor divisions among the people involved created major splits among the ranks and many left. However, please realize that over time, it was this very process and the many changes that were instituted to fulfill the needs of the people, that allowed Christianity to expand relatively easily and naturally throughout the planet during this period. 









In fact, this is as it had to be, according to God's Great Divine Plan! How else do you believe the leading religion of the current millennium, now rapidly drawing to a close, could have grown and flourished? How do you believe beloved Saint Germainís Permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom will evolve over the next two thousand years? The quality of change has been and shall continue to be critical to the spiritual development of this planet.





Within the very essence of growth and development resides the quality of change and whether this will seem to be a positive or negative aspect depends upon each one of you my dear chelas. If one comes from the understanding that change amounts to nothing more than a loss of something very precious then that person will probably tend to fear it and fight hard, anything and everything that seems to be different than what they have previously been taught or become accustomed to.



However, if each of you looks upon the many changes in your life as nothing more than building blocks which have and will continue to create many wonderful opportunities for you to accept something new and beautiful into your lives, this attitude will assist greatly in manifesting the magnificent process of transmutation and transformation humankind as a whole is currently undertaking and deeply involved with. My beloved ones, this choice is up to you. How do you wish to view the coming Earth changes as you enter the glorious New Age now dawning on our planet?

Change is not something to be feared beloved chelas. It is something to embrace with the fullness of your being for it shall assist you greatly in your development and ultimately bring to you the freedom you seek.

Lady Pallas Athena
Goddess of Truth