In the beginning humanity was created in the image and likeness of God without taint of miss-creation. Each one was endowed with the powers of FREEWILL in the use of his or hers creative faculties to fulfill his/her portion of the Divine Plan, while each individual utilized this freewill to fulfill his/her Divine Missions, the First Golden Age flourished. In those days there was no Karmic Board. It was not necessary. The Second and Third Golden Ages accomplished their course in the same way.

During the cycle of the Fourth Age people from other planets, who rebelled against the Cosmic Law and so became planetary orphans, arrived on our Earth. Then the people of Earth, in spite of the protection from Archangel Michael and other Divine Beings, surrendered to the subtle sin of curiosity! Their experimental research by misuse of freewill caused what is known as the “fall of men.” The expulsion from paradise. They were intoxicated by their use of the creative powers independent of the Divine guidance and that what we know as the soul was born! Anticipating this rebellion against the Divine power and the resulting disharmony and discord, three Divine Beings volunteered to assist anyone who was in this way entangled  in his or her personal and mass creation of imperfect thoughts, feelings, words and actions. So the First Karmic Board was composed!


Through successive Ages and recalcitrance concerning Teachers as well as students, the number of Members of the Karmic Board has been increased to Seven, each one represented a particular Divine Virtue,  temporarily lost by men.  

The Divine Beings, Who comprise the Karmic Board qualify for Their Office according to the requirement. Thus the Office and the Individual Beings are not always the same.

At the close of each embodiment the soul is required to appear before The Karmic Board. Here (s)he is given opportunity to explain THE REASON for the activities in his/her last Earthly embodiment.

From: The Karmic Board