There is a saying in one of the Holy Books of this world which is often quoted, “Many are called—but few are chosen.” Another way of looking at this statement is: “All are called—but few choose!” During the time of Jesus’ mission on Earth all were brought into outer manifestation onto the screen of life, so that humanity could have the advantage of seeing the outer symbols, through which to receive the understanding necessary to manifest this Divine Presence in the physical world of form.




With every step on the Path of Mastery, there is a Palm Sunday. There is a trial. There is a crucifixion and a resurrection but each chela must take care to consciously resurrect their divinity and not call for the release of Barabbas. The understanding is that each of us has to watch and pray constantly, and always be ready when the soldiers come to take us captive—for all is truly within us! The soldiers, the multitude of onlookers, whether they throw palm fronds before us and sing hosannas, or cry “Give us Barabbas”, all are within.





Pontius Pilate, who washes his hands of a so called problem and turns it over to the accusers, or Judas, who for a handful of coins seemingly betrays with a kiss, may not be what they appear to be. Even Barabbas may be a blessing when recognized within for what he really is. If you do recognize him let him die, and with him every atom of your lesser self still out of control, for it has served its purpose.






Remember, in some form a Judas will come into your life to start this sacred process. He is the activator and the kiss with which he appears to betray is actually the Cup of Higher Consciousness. We may choose, at any step on the path, to remain behind the Veils of Maya or to drink from that cup as the way to release the full Light of our own Divine Presence.

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