What is Flame? And why does humankind shy from the word?

Flame is but a concentrate of life energy which has been qualified by some Intelligence to act in a specific manner, a concentrate of energy qualified by the feeling world of some self-conscious Intelligence to act in a specific manner. As that energy, magnetized, drawn and concentrated, is charged and charged with a specific feeling, it becomes a FLAME which can and will enter into the energies and world of anyone who chooses to use it. 


The quality which is considered essential for humankind at this time is PATIENCE ... the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Patience. Can you accept it in its fullness?

What is Patience, beloved ones? It is merely control of the energy of the inner and physical bodies. It is the capacity, when treating any expression of life needing assistance, to hold your energy in perfect harmony and then project it forth according to the direction of your Holy Christ Self for the accomplishment of some good purpose. Become patient men and women!



Let me differentiate, for your enlightenment, between the quality of patience and that of lethargy or indifference. The patient man or woman is positive, poised, powerful, does not allow the energy to go forth either in thought, feeling, gesture or word, until the Divine-Self has qualified it with its nature, and only then does it go forth in blessing.

All over this known world the waking and the sleeping, those who are aware of our activities and those who are not will be aware of the patient feeling which it can be our joy to supply in these turbulent and confusing times.

Bridge to Spiritual Freedom