Beloved Students of the Light,

There is a Law, and that Law is: You must ask in order to receive! You must try! You must make your effort! We of the Ascended Realms love you in a way that you can still only imagine, because if you were able to experience the full impact of that love, your four lower vehicles could not as yet contain it!

It isn't the man who pounds upon Heaven's door that gains the first entrance—but, rather, the man who tries! He who does the best he can in service to all life, even when he cannot see the road before him, is the man who will, in the long run, prove to be of the best service to us.

Beloved Master Jesus once said, in essence, that it is easy to give bread to your children, and to your friends, because for your love poured out to them, there is that wonderful return current that all people enjoy! Butthe man who gives the "bread of life", which is his love, his substance, his allto those who know not of his existence, or who bear him no particular good—that man—truly will understands the Law of Life!






None of you may truly know of the law of return under which you must still walk, with the bands of forgetfulness upon your dear brows! You can know, however, that there is reason to all things, and you can bear what may appear as a physical, mental or emotional burden cheerfully and "lightly", without complaint.

There is another thing you may do, of course, and that is to use the Violet Fire without ceasing! However, my point is that the man of God proceeds along his path with an eye to GIVE—to SERVE—and not just to RECEIVE and have his human ego satisfied! It is time, my beloved friends, that all take that one step higher in consciousness, which is above the human ego!

My dear and beloved Friends of the Ages, I feel the return current of your love, sincerity, and desire to help me to expand the service which can be given through the Activity of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. It is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to experience truly the Brotherhood with each other that we enjoy in the Octaves of Light, especially when I tell you that it is the deep desire of the Great White Brotherhood to use you as an example of true Brotherhood to all life on your Planet Earth. Is that not worth striving for?








All that you learn, and all that you do to contribute to the quality of life while you sojourn upon the Earth, will be matched and redoubled by our Love and Outpouring through you now, for the need of the hour is the outpicturing of all of the blessings and instructions that We have presented to you over that past years.

I come to you as a Friend—for to whom else would I come and speak of the things which are so close to my Heart? Treat each other with love, tolerance, patience, and—especially—kindness and BE The Christ in Action in the physical world, right here, and right now! Let Peace flow from your hearts as a Mighty River of Light, and I will assist you!

As always, El Morya

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom