In these rapidly changing times within the Earth, the consciousness of the masses is being opened, and new ideas and forms are becoming more acceptable to them. This is a direct result of the work of our chelas, in response to an increased outpouring of Light and Energy from the Octaves in which the Masters reside. The need for this expansion of the mass consciousness is great, because the forward movement of the Planet Earth within the Galaxy must, of course, take place.

There is no need to fear or become anxious in response to my words, for they are not given to call forth anxiety within you. I spoke recently on the need to realize that time and space are always provided, within which humanity may move forward without feeling stress due to time limitations which many believe are placed upon them. Truly the Great God Parents of our Galaxy are an embodiment of Love and Kindness, and it is their desire that all Beings within the scope of their Creation remain within an attitude of Faith and Confidence in this love. The specific feeling of being rushed and pressured need not exist, for it only impedes your forward movement into increased Light and understanding.




However, I do wish to emphasize the need of constancy of purpose and endeavor. If steadiness of purpose and work is developed and maintained, then all may move harmoniously forward in a timely manner.

As the mass consciousness is opened, there is a great deal of negativity released into the atmosphere of the planet. The reason for this is that the great numbers of people are not yet educated as to the existence and use of the primary tool for the purification of the Earth, the Violet Transmuting Flame.

The first step on the Path of Mastery is the realization that you, as an individual, are responsible for all existing conditions within your own life experience. Every chela will remember this experience, with its common response of strong feelings of guilt. You will recall that a great feeling of relief and release was received once you had passed this step, and begun the process of self-forgiveness, as well as the forgiveness of others. I bring this to your minds so that you will be able to extend understanding and compassion to those who are experiencing this for the first time.

Serapis Bey

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom