To be able to keep your balance among all outer conditions, it is necessary to focus your attention at the Threefold Flame in your heart. Realize that no outer circumstance has the power to hurt you, UNLESS YOU INVITE IT TO DO SO! Do not give power to anything outside the Presence of God.

So many tests are necessary to convince you finally to let go and let God. Every time circumstances in your immediate surroundings are trying to alarm you, it is with the objective of giving the control back to your ego. The negative force will continue to attack you, as long as there is still some vulnerability in your lifestream. Human consciousness will not withdraw by mere denial. You have to transmute it to the cause and core. When its attacks are getting more subtle you have to increase your vigilance. The tenacity your human ego shows in trying to block your way in an attempt to keep you off balance, is only to regain control if it succeeds. You have to conquer every inch of the way to your eternal freedom. This is what is meant by: "You have to conquer the Kingdom of Heaven by force." The attacks of the negative force will continue as long as it finds entrances in your lifestream. It will try to vivify and revivify old channels of habits you used to sustain them in the world of form. TRANSMUTE them by Violet Fire! It is the only way.


Your I AM Presence will vivify every quality in your being to make you aware of them, to use them or transmute them. Also here mastery is acquired. Always show negativity the OPPOSITE quality, AFTER you use the Violet Fire. The uncertainties of life, which often induce great challenges and changes, are nothing more than shadows of the past, which try to veil your eyes to the perfection behind, which is bound to express in the world of form when you are ready and able to keep the balance. Dwelling in a physical body, trying to live the life of a divine being compels you to be alert EVERY SECOND of your existence. Any impurity that might linger on in one or more of your lower vehicles will try to prevent you from becoming one with our Mother-Father God.

Immediately transmute the discordant energy when it surfaces and love it free. These tests will continue until you finally have perfect faith in God's Will to direct you in everything you do, and for that reason remain silent and do not act until your direction is clear. Refuse to leave your place of perfect BALANCE and PEACE.

Absolute surrender and an ever increasing commitment to the promptings and directions of your Presence are necessary to finally detach yourself from the pull of the lower self. Being God in Action, the Love of God and the Will of God, on your level of consciousness. The law of the circle will then manifest this perfection in your lower vehicles. When this process is completed, you will be totally free.

Using the Earth as a schoolroom implies, that you receive Her energies and give of your own energies. The original idea was for mutual benefit. This includes every embodied being. However, as you know, by the misuse of energy for so many centuries, humankind has slowed down the Evolution of the Earth and of themselves. The opportunity of the chelas is to restore the original Divine Plan and hasten the Evolution of the Earth by their combined energies in concert with the Ascended Energies of the Octaves of Light; thus the Energies of Lady Virgo (the Earth) become one with the energies of the "Body of Light," the network of Light consisting out of all the lightworkers of the Planet, fulfilling their mutual Divine Plans.

The Ascension is an Eternal Divine Process. It marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. In essence it is a sacrifice. The sacrifice of all the good the lifestream has accumulated through countless embodiments to the Ascension Flame. You have been told that this is the reason why it is such a happy and buoyant Flame. The lifestream of an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being have given the totality of Their Achievements during a whole Cycle to the Ascension Flame for the benefit of all life.



A beam of light will shine bright and far in a clear night. The light of that same beam will be very restricted in a misty night, when the fog is thick and heavy. Much more light is acquired to permeate this mist. The Light of your Inner Christ is likewise restricted by the fog of human consciousness. It takes much light (Love, Wisdom and Power) to permeate these effluvia. Transmute it all.


From: The Eyes of Eternity