116. Purity               117. Oasis  118. Illusions    119. Reality  120. Service is the Law of Life 

   121. Communication with God  122. God the Sacred Fire 123. The Great Silence 124. Sacrifice 125. The Rhythm of Eternity  126. One with God 127. Being God in Action 128. Change initiates inner growth  129. The expansion of consciousness  130. The strengthening of the aura  131. Enfolding life  132. Being a channel of the Light of God 133. The fulfillment of the divine plan

Communication with God plain text

134. Divine Qualities 135. Learn to Focus 136. One specific quality  137. Radiation  138. Eternity 139. The flow of Life  140. The depth of Eternity  141. Rays and Flames  142. A God BEING  143. Know that I AM God 144. The Light of the World  145. Unity is the Body of God  146. Rays and Flames are living Entities 147. Qualities grow and prosper  148. Formless Energy 149. Mystic Union 150. To be in the World but not of it 151. Becoming a Divine Quality 152. The quality of Love 153. The Body of Love 154. Love, the Master Teacher 155. Tolerance, Gratitude and Compassion  156. Joy, Faith and Peace 157 Understanding and Illumination 158. Concentration, endurance and creativity  159. Permanent Bliss-consciousness  160. Infinity is a Being  161. The Heart of God

Divine Qualities plain text

  162. Through the Eyes of Eternity  163. The Rhythm of Infinity  163a. Transmute negativity 164. Balance in Infinity

Through the Eyes of Eternity plain text

  165. The Body of Light 166. Cosmic Bodies of Light 167. You ARE the Body of Light   168. Time to grow 169. The Bridge of Light  170.  Physical Bodies 171.  The Light of God

The Body of Light plain text