Archangel Michael [image fantasy]

The angels serve in a hierarchy. From the tiniest little cherub till the greatest Cosmic Archangel. In reality there is no limitation in growth. Humankind is standing on the threshold of infinity, learning to accept no limitations. The virtual world of the computer is a fine tool to realize this. Every spark of consciousness will develop its specific gift or gifts to the universe and expand that through all eternity.


The angels serve in joy and in obedience to their superiors. There is always a Superior Being ahead of you, knowing the path you're going, because He has been there. How far you are advanced, you might even be an enfolding God of a universe, there are always higher galaxies stretching out before you. There will always be a path before you, forever. So for even the "Highest God" is always a higher God.

The keyword of the angels is: 'The Highest'. They serve the highest good of all life in the universe; and those among us who wish to leave the barren pathways of materialism and egoism will be very quickly open for the influence of the angels in our lives. ASK them to help you by building the divine feelings in your emotional body. Have FAITH in what you' re doing. Everything new needs time to develop, needs time to create a momentum. See them as your friends and companions. They are real, and although you cannot see them, you can feel them at times, especially in times of stress and challenges in your life. When your faith is expanding, their influence is expanding too. It is a training process, where your attention is, there you are. The steps are: 1. Faith, 2. Invocation, 3. Absorption, 4. Assimilation, 5. Adjustment, 6. Expansion, 7. Rhythm.



Faith: The confidence required to make the connection with the Angelic Kingdom.

Invocation: Asking the angels or a specific angel [by prayer, decrees or a ceremonial service, in love and reverence]  to work with you in establishing a divine quality (Love, Peace, Patience, Mercy and Forgiveness, Tolerance, etc) in your feeling world.

Absorption: Working with the chosen quality to absorb it in your feelings.

Assimilation: The quality is getting a place in your feeling world.

Adjustment: You learn to adjust to the higher vibratory activity of this quality.

Expansion: You expand this quality in your sphere of influence and in the world.

Rhythm: The application of working in this way on a regular basis as all trainees do. Working with the angels needs our commitment.

An image by a visionary painter trying to outpicture the  graded order of the angels and the Archangels in the Seven Spheres.