Invite the Angels in your Home


The Angelic Kingdom


Angels come to the peaceful human, drawn, magnetized because that is the nature of their birth, their creation and their existence!

Create in your homes, in your worlds, an atmosphere to draw them and you will have so much joy and happiness on the return current that you will not wish to proceed along your path without their Presence. I speak especially of our young angels, those who in their training, have the responsibility of entering the atmosphere of Earth bearing their gifts. They are to release them where needed. Then, of course, they wing their way back to the Octaves of Light to 'recharge their batteries', in a manner of speaking, in their school- rooms with their teachers. You cannot imagine their joy and happiness when they report to their elders and teachers that they have encountered a happy person who recognized their Presence and welcomed them into an atmosphere that was charged with loving hospitality. Now, each sphere has its legions of angelic forces, and they are very specific in their work.


But whether an angel is of the stalwart nature of the First Sphere, or the gentler radiance of the Third Sphere of divine love, or of the more quiet and thoughtful aspects of the Second Sphere, there are several aspects of God that are always present in all angelic life. Two of these are: total consecration and dedication to serving only the Will of God and joy in service!


When these young ones, who are the very joy of the hearts of all ascended beings, return to us with such reports, having found the lifestreams on Earth who welcome them into their auras and homes with such happiness at their presence, often a younger member of this kingdom is enabled to rest and recharge their nature right there in the sanctuary a chela has prepared in their home. Then, they are enabled to dispense more of their gift than would have been otherwise possible before returning home to the higher octaves.

The first thing to do, should you have a desire to prepare a 'sanctuary' for members of the angelic kingdom to enjoy, is to immediately begin to clear any restlessness, any sense of discouragement or dissatisfaction, from your four lower vehicles. Practice developing a happy frame of mind and a quiet, receptive state of consciousness within yourself. Call forth the Violet Flame and blaze it through your vehicles, especially your emotional body. Secondly, having cleared and cleansed your personal aura, expand your feelings of love and welcome outward until your home is filled with this vibration. 

Picture the Violet Transmuting Flame going out from your heart center, followed by the Ruby-Gold Flame of Peace and the Pink Flame of God's Love. Thirdly, send forth your invitation! It is as simple as that. You can be absolutely sure of receiving a house-full of guests and I lovingly add 'heart-full' as well! I need only add that whatever your need or desire to assist in helping the Earth and her evolutions, the angelic kingdom always hastens to respond to your every call for assistance. Isn't it a very special and wonderful opportunity for you to know that you, from your loving and grateful hearts, offer refuge and refreshment to them? I thank you and I hold the divine spirit of God Happiness and Joy within my heart for each and every one of you!

    Lord Ling, [Master of Happiness]  

[From: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Journal April through June 2001]

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