The Angelic Kingdom.

The angels represent the feeling nature of the Godhead. They are no 'cloud like' beings, but very powerful force fields of Light, carrying the  Qualities of the Godhead with them. Love, Wisdom, Power, Mercy and Compassion, Forgiveness, Truth, Healing, and many more gifts of the angels of the 'Seven Rays'. I shall expand about this later.  



We continue with an explanation of how angels serve. The angels dispense the qualities on all levels of consciousness, from "the Heart of God" down to the 'lowest' Realm they can reach: The etheric plane. The etheric plane is still a part of the physical plane. Every plane of consciousness consists of 7 levels. The physical level has: concrete, liquid, gas, and four ethers. There are seven levels of consciousness, with each seven sublevels:

    Physical  Realm.           

    Astral or Emotional Realm.       

    Mental Realm.

    Buddhic Realm; the realm of Unity.

    Nirvanic Realm.

    Spiritual  Realm.

    Super Spiritual Realm.


The angels have to follow the law on all levels of consciousness. The law states to respect the Free Will choice of the dwellers in that specific realm of consciousness. For us on the Physical plane does that mean: we have to ask for their assistance, and we have to do that in reverence. We do that in our prayers. From now on we have to put more faith in it, and ACCEPT their influence in our lives. Only then the great changes can take place, which will help humanity to accept their divine heritage and be the Christ in Action at all times. The Law also states: All the changes on a level of consciousness have to be done by the inhabitants of that level of consciousness. That means for the inhabitants of the physical world that there will be no "divine interventions" to take care of the 'mess' we have created. We have to take responsibility for our lives and make of this world a better place to live on. Then we are in tune with the Will of God which is perfection for all life. All the forces and legions of 'heaven' are with us to hasten this goal, and do that through us, when we ASK them to assist us in our specific service to the world.