The Sun Gods of our system of Worlds



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God of The Sun. Divine Complement Beloved Vesta ....

The Fourth Sun from the Great Central Sun of Alpha and Omega


Beloved children of the Sun, greetings on behalf of the Light which comes to Earth through the consciousness of the peoples who are living in the Upper Chamber magnetizing them by the Power of the Light, that SACRED FIRE which is Ours to give and yours to receive, utilize and expand.

Be seated in the Light and in the sight of the Sun! Our Aura carries only blessing to all life; Our Aura carries the very gift of the Energy by which you have being, and carries within Itself every Virtue which you require as you move victoriously upon Life’s way. That Aura which is the Light of the Sun is a permanent part of your aura, too, when We join together in companionship and understanding as to that which We desire to accomplish.

That which We desire to accomplish, beloved ones, is to reinstate Perfection upon this Earth. And to reinstate the Perfection of every electron and every cell and every atom of every living thing in, through and around the Earth until the Earth is again, as beloved Vesta and I first visualized It, and then projected It forth, so that the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain might have a most glorious Holy Star for you to enjoy and for the Spirits of the various Nature Kingdoms, the gnomes, the undines, the sylphs and the salamanders.

Will you accept, beloved ones, today the rising of the Sun as an activity of the rising of the Sun of Light within your hearts, illumining your consciousness, vibrating through every cell and atom of your beings and expanding forth until it encompasses the Planet until there is enough Light that the Karmic Board Itself shall say "This Planet now straightened on Her axis, peopled by God-free peoples, is truly a Home of the Ascended Master Saint Germain.” Then when we absorb into Ourselves the Beings of Mercury and that Great and Mighty Star, the Planet Earth shall most easily move closer to Ourselves. This is an orderly procession toward Godhood in Its Fullness!

So accept from Beloved Vesta and from Myself Our gratitude that you know something of Our World as It was in the beginning and It shall be, incorporated into the beautiful energies of your own conscious understanding again. Thus you are part of the Great Light of the World. Thus I, too, as beloved Vesta, bow before you, giving to you the Light of Understanding, the warmth of Love and the tenacity of the Sun Gods in holding concentrated to the One Purpose - Goodness, until the Goodness is manifestly expressed for the benefaction of all…..


[from: Friendship with the Gods Part 2]