The physical body you see every morning in the mirror is only the densest of your seven bodies. It is the precipitation in physical matter of all your aspirations, achievements and weaknesses of many, many embodiments. It is the effect of  thousands of causes you created in the your past lives and in this one. Even during the course of a single lifetime you can witness the changes your body endures in shape, features and radiation. This last part 'radiation' brings us closer to the finer bodies of the human expression.

The Bodies are:

The four 'lower' vehicles


1. Physical  body.

2. Etheric body.               

3. Mental body.

4. Astral or Emotional body.


The higher triangle.


5. Holy Christ Self.

6. Causal Body.

7. I AM Presence.


 6 pictures


The Etheric Body.




The etheric body is still physical, but not visible for the majority of humankind. It is like a violet-gray 'mist' covering your physical body. This etheric matter is the link between the physical and the emotional or astral plane, but it has also a very important function as the vehicle of the vital force [energy] on the physical plane, which is coming, as you know, from the sun. The straight violet gray horizontal 'lines' show us a healthy body. When a person is very tired, you can notice, that the horizontal 'lines' are hanging down. The etheric body is also the storehouse of your memories from this lifetime and all the previous ones, but this does not mean, that you have access.

The Astral Body.

The astral body of an emotional man. Here the colors are arranged in 'spots' in different part of the body. The lighter colors the higher vibrations are in the upper part of the body. The more selfish and negative vibrations ( they should be darker colors) go to the lower part of the body.


Astral Body 2


The astral body of  a mental person. Here you can observe, that the emotions are arranged in 'bands', layers through the body. Colors with much brown in it always indicate selfishness and greed. The meaning of the brighter, and lighter colors you can find back  in the pages about:

    "The Seven Rays".


Mental Body    


The mental body receives ideas and impressions from the mental plane ( This will be explained later) However, the ideas can also come as promptings from the Holy Christ Self. The brains receive the thoughts from the mental body, they do not create by themselves. Just like the computer doesn't 'create' by itself. It receives its 'know how' from the programmer. So is the brain programmed by the mental body. It is a TOOL in the hands of your consciousness, as are the other four lower vehicles.