Purify your souls

Therefore, it is to you we come with this explanation. It is not enough to enjoy it. Oh, I implore you with all the love of my heart to do something about it! This simple sincere call for the purifying of your soul, oh, that does more than you can know. As those mighty currents of purifying energy surge through the etheric body in answer to your call, I tell you blessed ones, I have watched the benefits to your soul. The souls of men are weighted down with all manner of human distress.



Now it is your souls to which I speak: The I AM of you is happy; the I AM of you is God-Free; the I AM of you has never known limitations. I AM the servant of the soul of you, that part of you which seeks redemption; that consciousness which is the thinking, feeling self of you and I shall not let you go until that soul is pure as snow, until the hour comes when, in great relief, you can say, "the Father and I are one"! It will come! It must come! For love, the greatest activity in the universe, cannot be denied! I embody love and I AM one with the Christ and you.  




Speaking now through the soul's self asking for release; asking for authority; asking for redemption; asking for freedom; I AM the Christ in you come again! I AM the Christ come again! All the earth hear me! I AM the Christ come again! The 'second coming' is not a mystery. It is the reinstatement of your Godhood upon its throne of authority, accepting the reins of your thought and feeling and again moving as the majestic embodied God, which you really are, that I AM, and that you shall become!

                              Lord Maitreya

[from: The Bridge Journal Oct. through December 2000]