Every one who enters that Brotherhood gives their all to it. It is enriched by each one who has ascended, and becomes a part of it. That total momentum of light is accessible and available at the moment of any cosmic crisis. The Great Cosmic Silent Watcher, looking upon this Planet may see certain vortices of destructively qualified energy gathered. The Silent Watcher then speaks into this substance the perfection of the Brotherhood which is like a great Causal Body, and then individual Silent Watchers of the localities in question take from that flawlessness the particular power and qualities of perfection which they require, focusing it down into the causes and cores of the distressing vortices, transmuting their destruction into light. For this purpose, they often use the bodies of harmonious chelas wherever they can find such a conductor on the surface of Earth. Such a conductor becomes a channel, just like a funnel. Through that one's mind, feelings, etheric body and flesh they are able to give the full gathered momentum into the locality where such a conductor abides. At the time these activities are taking place, if the particular chela who has been sponsored by some member of the ascended host is in a condition of distress, they have to look elsewhere to find some harmonious lifestream, perhaps one wholly unconscious and therefore not as good a conductor as a chela who has used the purifying Violet Flame. Through such an unconscious conductor, a thread of benediction flows, whereas a conscious chela would be a great conduit of light. Do you see?  


The unconscious conductors have served us often through the ages and they are blessed indeed. However, just as the inside of a pipe becomes corroded and filled with impure substance, so does the consciousness of the average individual become filled with impure thought, feeling, and etheric substances, unless there is a conscious use by that individual of the Violet Fire which compels the purification of their individual lifestreams. Therefore unconscious conductors do not make as wide an open door for this service as do conscious chelas who have used the Violet Fire of purification. It is a tragedy indeed, for one to have worked twenty years with the Violet Fire and at a cosmic moment, be unfit to conduct the protection which might save a city. Preparation, application and purification are magnificent because, through the forcefields of your groups and through your individual selves, they create a wider and wider conduit of light. The radiation and pressures of the Great One, flowing through them, are a great blessing to humankind.

Remember my words. Do less if you must, but hold your state of grace; hold the harmony; hold the peace; hold those feelings of love and tolerance so that you may be ready when you are needed to serve. Your radiation will be different from that of any other person because the creation of your Causal Body has been an individual accomplishment. Your Causal Body has been built from the day you first received conscious life. All through the ages which you have lived, your Causal Body has grown like a beautiful Flame flower; an aureole of living color. The services you have rendered, whether they have been educational, philanthropic, artistic, scientific or religious have become your gifts to Earth. This momentum of good awaits release through your vehicles as a radiation of light which can benefit the Earth and her people.  

Now, why let the glory of that Causal Body function only in the Inner Realms while you are in limitation; while you are experiencing age, disease and distress; when it is so easy to consciously call forth from your Causal Body, the qualities of perfection which you require to bless life? Why do you not externalize for the blessing of the race that which you prepared yourselves for centuries? Why do you not this day, entering into that "Sacred Place of the Most High" (deep within the Sacred Fire in your heart) begin the release of your own harmoniously qualified energies of life which abide within your Causal Body, awaiting your call?

When you master that art; when your aura is so very comfortable to others; when it conducts instantaneous healing power; when it can give mankind that which they seek, you will need the strength to stand and continue to pour out your gifts to life and not be smothered by the greedy and frightened energies of those who will come to you for help.

Build today, my friends - build today -, the Flames of Purity, Peace, Understanding and Comfort, and then you can more easily accomplish that which should be done.

I love you beyond all words to describe. I have worked with you so often individually and collectively through the ages - I speak to you today hoping to reach your minds and your hearts.

Beloved Mother Mary

[From: The Bridge Journal Oct. through Dec. 2001]