Christmas 2002

Another year has passed, with a lot of negativity accumulated and dealt with, as the karma of the Nations was being expelled.

Also a lot of good emerged, but this does not always reach the mass-media of the world. Much magnificent work has been done in the Silence. The highest form of service is in anonymity. Only in this way the ego cannot claim the 'price' and service is done for the highest good of all concerned.

This should be our motivation too. If anything we do, feel, say and act is in the spirit of 'the highest good of all concerned', we will develop three divine qualities: Compassion, Humility and Reverence for all life. This is the perfect way to control and overcome the machinations of our ego.

Try it, and have many and beautiful opportunities to do good in the coming year.               


If you want to know more about the Cosmic Archangel of Restoration, the image of the angel around the world, beautifully drawn by the artist Daniel Holeman, please read then the following pages. Click on the image.



Christmas 2003