The Cosmic Archangel of Restoration






My Beloved Friends and Co-Servers in the Light,


I AM so very grateful to be with you now in the full power of the Love of God - the Eternal One Who is both Father and Mother to us all. It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to speak to you, and I assure you that this is a privilege I welcome fully.

I AM the embodiment of the Heart Desire of our Father-Mother God, for the Restoration of the beloved Planet Earth and all life upon it, to complete unity, total atonement with God's First Cause. God's First Cause is Perfection for all things, and the Restoration of this Perfection is that for which I have been created!

The Earth is presently your home, your schoolroom, and your focus of service. It is for this reason that I would like to take you on a journey today - a journey on the Earth as it existed before the so-called "Fall of Man".

Please be comfortably relaxed in your chairs. Reconfirm your perfect unity with the Presence of God "I AM"  within your hearts, and through the power of the Holy Breath, become One with that Presence. With your inner vision, I ask you to see the Earth as it lives in the Mind of God.....

Let us walk together through fields and gently rolling hills, which are carpeted in cool, green grass. A light breeze caresses our faces, fragrant with the sweet perfumes of elemental life, that joyously expresses itself all around us. The perfect blossoms on the trees, the grass beneath our feet, the moss upon the stones, and the flowers on the hills - all emit their individual essence, as they fulfill their Divine Plan of creating beauty for humankind.  



To our left, a brook tumbles among the stones it has polished, its gentle music contributing to the perfect harmony of sound that enfolds us. The water is crystalline clear, reflecting the vibrant blue of the sky. As we cup our hands and drink of it, we find it to be pure and sweet.

We do not walk this Earth alone. Looking around, we see other people moving about, absorbed in their various tasks. Men walk and talk with the Angels, in deep and   perfect spiritual communion. In the distance we hear music and gentle laughter. Ahead of us, we see an individual who is absorbed in the beauty of a particular flower, gazing at it with appreciation and love of its beauty.  


As we raise our faces to the gentle warmth of the sun, we can observe the sylphs at work, creating, purifying, and enriching the atmosphere in which we live. We see Cherubs at play, tumbling about with frolicsome joy! Look around you! Feel the perfect harmony of vibration with all of your physical senses. Your ears are blessed with the music of the spheres. Your eyes behold only beauty and perfection. You can taste the sweetness of the water, and breathe in the purity of the air. The fragrances which surround you are a pleasure to experience.  



The harmony that exists between humanity, Angels, and elemental life is so true and fine that it is a physical experience as well as a spiritual one . . . you are at peace, surrounded by the perfect Love of God, expressed through all life!

I ask that you retain that which you have just seen and experienced as fully as possible. My Beloved Ones - this is the reality - the fulfilling of God's First Cause! Do not for one moment believe that the walk we have just taken was merely a visualization! Do not for one moment lower your eyes from the Face of God! The Earth I have shown you is the Earth that was brought forth from the Heart of God so long ago! That Earth is the Reality! All else is mere illusion, created by human consciousness, and it is therefore simply a temporary overlay - a veil over the truth!

I DECREE that it is only a matter of time before the Reality of this dear Planet, and of each and every person who walks upon it, will be brought forth once more to the full Glory of God! Day by day and step by step, the restoration becomes more complete. Hour by hour, and moment by moment, every person moves a little closer to total unity with the Inner Christ. I AM aware of the tremendous yearning in the hearts of each one of you for the hastening of the day of completion. Indeed, I AM the embodiment of that same desire, which exists in the Heart of your Beloved God Parents. It is the unifying of your heart's desire with your Father-Mother God that insures the Restoration of Perfection upon the Planet Earth.  



You stand yet at the beginning of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom, and I know you need assistance in sustaining the vision of perfection that I bring to you. Yet there is nothing that is of more importance, and it is you who must act as Our representatives - the channels through which the restoration will be given. Let Me fill you with MY Confidence and Joy, assisting you to hold the perfection I already see. Do not fall prey again to the illusions of human consciousness! Fix your eyes upon the Face of God, and hold them there, regardless of any and all outer appearances that may try to catch your attention!

 Hold the Perfection of the Earth and all Her evolutions first and foremost in your consciousness, and call, call , call upon all the Forces of Light at your command! They are Legion! I thank you.


[From: The Bridge Journal Feb. 1992.]