The Galactic Archangel continues ...




Be aware of the wonderful obedient expression of the Elemental Kingdom under the direction of the Mighty Devarajahs, and all Who serve with Them. Certainly, gratitude flows forth from your beings to these obedient Servants of The One, and they have conferred mighty blessings upon each one of you - for are not your beings responding in kind?

There are many forms of Restoration. There are gentle forms, filled with gentle love, and there are those of a dynamic nature. We have now, through the blessed members serving all over this planet Earth in all activities of a spiritual nature, reached the point where We shall serve in the gentleness of Love Divine. Love has many aspects and can be used with wisdom and with power, and should be at all times.

Let us turn our attention to a beautiful instrument - a fine piano. Every so often it is necessary for skilled individuals to test the piano, and to handle it in reverence and gentleness so that it will be at its perfect pitch at all times, sending forth a radiation all over this planet.

Now take your own individual being. You are an instrument of The Almighty. When I say 'The Almighty', I refer to the 'I AM' Presence within your heart - that Cell of Light which blazes so brightly when HARMONY is present. I wish to emphasize that YOU CAN BE THE MASTER MUSICIAN. It is possible! It is your freewill choice, and you may wish to play your keynote in a symphony of Light, for Life on this planet is going to be very, very beautiful. The more you send out harmonious radiation, the more beautiful it will be. Just your very Presence on this planet can work wonders. This is the restoration We are doing at this time, and Our ways are ways of gentleness. It is all right, and perfectly satisfactory and noteworthy, to give forth dynamic calls when necessary, because Love is dynamic and when those calls go forth on the winged tones of harmony, the electrons of Love meet their mark!

But is it also necessary that you know in whatever activity you are engaged for the balance of this embodiment, the privilege you received when you were given the honor to come to the planet Earth, to fulfill the vow which you made at Inner Levels to serve with Us.

One handles a beautiful painting with very great reverence and care. We apply certain oils and paint and other materials to restore a painting. You are each an expression of the Mighty 'l AM', and you have the necessary tools. You have been prepared through the years for this moment, and I look upon you with great Love - all of you in the same manner - for Unconditional Love does not discriminate. All in Heaven's Realms employ that sacred balance of Love, Wisdom and Power - The Middle Way. When you give advice in written word, or in the spoken word, always do it from the Presence within.

The Presence of God IS ETERNALLY VICTORIOUS. You have heard through the years "The Light of GOD IS ETERNALLY VICTORIOUS." So each of you shall be successful in your particular endeavor to which you have been assigned. We need many, many avenues of expression. So, remember always--center yourself within The Presence in your Being. Walk this planet Earth seeing what is going on, but KNOWING that it cannot touch you unless you invite it to do so.  

You can receive any direction you wish to assist Us by just being 'I AM'. So saying, I bless you, and that blessing comes from all the Kingdoms for They are serving in Unison, and all those components are Brother and Sister Cells of your Being.

                                The Archangel of Restoration.  

[From: The Bridge Journal August 1992]