The Galactic Archangel continues.

No matter how glorious the gift - how exalted the honor with each gift comes the responsibility of using it wisely for the betterment of life in your individual spheres. As your forcefields are clarified and expanded, they will then join and become part of the network of Light required to purify the Earth and assist all mankind to the understanding you have now attained. The acceleration of progress in the entire Earth is visible to those who can see and hear through the senses of their Inner Christ.

The Gifts of Spirit are sometimes difficult to bear, even when they are those of joy, freedom, and the lifting power of Holy Spirit. They may bring sorrow to those who are not prepared to receive. All of you have members of your families and friends that you love - who do not yet understand as you understand, see as you see, and believe as you believe. Human consciousness may prefer the old beliefs, no matter how painful they are, because of their familiarity. It is to your credit that you desire this high consciousness for those you love, but the best way of giving these gifts to them is through the silence, remaining steadfast in your love. Have faith in the power of God in them to give these gifts at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

You may sometimes feel that you are not successful in attaining your own highest ideals, or in helping others, but I tell you that it is your desire, determination and the effort made that unlocks the door to your perfection manifest! Your every effort to incorporate My teachings into your life expressions is a treasure and a blessing to My Heart!

My Lineage is that of the Christ - the Love nature of the Universal I AM Presence, Father and Mother to us all. Once attained, Christ Consciousness is never forgotten, but continues to grow and expand! I was prepared in an ancient star system to serve as a Galactic Archangel for the Great Central Sun. Archangel Michael, My Cosmic Son, was prepared in that galaxy to be the Christ in Action in your star system. Micah, His Son, has been prepared in your star system to be the Christ in Action in a galaxy yet to come! Receive the understanding that you are also being prepared for greater service, and shall serve with those of great attainment, who shall lead you onward to experiences you can but glimpse at this time!


To prepare yourself for this greater service, I want you to remember and understand one of the statements of Master Jesus, when He walked the Earth. He said; I am in the Father, and the Father is in me. I am in you, and you are in me!  By this, He meant that He had attained the Consciousness of the Father God. It was now in Him – a part of Himself. When He said He was in you, and you were in Him, he referred to the Christ Consciousness, which is the knowledge of son ship to God. This knowledge makes you one with Him, and also with each other. To carry this to its next step, begin to accept that - as Christ Consciousness is in you, you are ONE with that consciousness in the hearts of all others, as well. You are ONE in Christ Consciousness. That means you are of the Lineage of the Christ, together with Me.  

Masters St. Germain and Jesus

You are already acting as the Sons and Daughters of God, accepting your true heritage and identity as fully as you can. As you continue to do this, accept that you are already well on your way in preparation for your higher service. If you can be the Divine Child, you can also be the Divine Mother. You can hold the Immaculate Concept for the other children-your brothers and sisters in the family of man-at all times! You can be the Divine Father, protecting the perfection of His creation. You can do these things-to the best of your ability-right now!

You, My beloved ones, can carry the race of man home in your hearts, even as Master Jesus did, and Michael and I before them! Honor that Christ Flame within Your blessed hearts, and within the hearts of all humanity! Oh, sons and daughters of the Most High Living God! Love and respect each other, and know that I AM in you, and you are in Me!



My Aura and Flame encompasses this Earth, and all life upon it! My Flame has been described as Crystalline White with constantly moving Blue Lasers within it. This Flame appears as a mighty Radiance, completely enfolding the Earth and its atmosphere in Its compass!  

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I speak to each one of you now, individually. Take a moment, and open the beautiful chalice of your heart to Me. Be not afraid of My power, for I would never harm you! Accept and feel My Love, as I now anchor a Laser Beam from My Flame into your waiting heart. Through this act, we shall always be consciously connected from this time forth. You are of the Lineage of the Christ! We are ONE in Love and ONE in service to the great Universal Source of All Life. S0 BE IT!

The Cosmic Archangel of Restoration

[From: The Bridge Journal November 1992.]