January 2, 1982 

It is a joy to be speaking with you from the Etheric Realms in these great Cities of Light here in Arizona. There is much freedom embodied in these cities that shall come to pass as a great example to humankind. I have been referred to as the "Son of Freedom" or the "God of Freedom", for my very Being is inseparable from the Essence of Freedom that flows from the highest sources beyond the Central Sun. We have repeatedly said that throughout the created Universe there is naught but vibration and consciousness. And therefore the highest freedom to aim for, the highest freedom to attain is simply learning the Laws, and living by the Laws, of consciousness and vibration.

May I remind you that the Flame of Freedom is much greater than freedom from imperfection. It includes being swept up into the freedom of the Realm of Pure Consciousness and Vibration and it is this gift that must be brought to the humankind of this planet. And I would like to review with you this morning our efforts as we see them from the Ascended Octave, of how the Freedom Flame has been introduced to humankind's consciousness over the past century. Approximately one hundred years ago Beloved Master Morya and Beloved Master Kuthumi, seeing the dawn of the New Age, introduced into the consciousness of humankind the Theosophical Society, wherein a certain amount of knowledge was introduced into the mass consciousness of humankind through some very special chelas who took it out into the world. To some degree that knowledge was translated into wisdom especially when viewed through the examples of several of the more evolved chelas in that Organization. It was an opportunity for us to teach the truth that there are Ascended Ones or Adepts and that these Perfected Ones wish so much to be a part of the evolution of the race; and that humankind must open their consciousness to these Ascended Ones in order to understand how the two shall work as One  ...... And to some degree, that measure of wisdom was introduced into the  human family.


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