The healing you require will manifest from inside out, as all does, which happens in your world. You will live in perfect health, when all your worries, fears and expectations have been dissolved.

The following words and radiation are coming forth from a great Lady Master, who is working in the Etheric temple above Crete in Greece: 

Lady Hygeia:

The resurrection of the Nature Kingdom, for instance, after a period of rest during the winter season, is divine proof that God intends that all his creations, from the tiniest to the greatest, rest and replenish their energies from time to time. This restores balance to every lifestream in a rhythmic and orderly fashion. I mention this fact to remind you of the importance of emotional, mental, and physical rest. Your being is a very intricate 'cosmic vehicle,' created to be the suitable dwelling for your evolving soul. Therefore, for it to function properly and manifest the divine reality of your being, all the ‘parts’ need to function in harmony with one another. 

In order to attain the efficacious harmony of your lifestream, beloved ones, it is imperative for you to realize in a more profound way the many ways in which energy enters your being. The act of breathing and the ingestion of food are the two of the most common ones.  Choose more carefully, the food you are ingesting and make sure that good eating habits are high on your list of priorities. However, your body is also fed through your thoughts, feelings, and even past and present memories. Remember, good thoughts, nice feelings and happy memories also feed your physical form! 

Additionally, you have to discover that contemplative meditation is greatly accelerating the healing of your feelings, thoughts, memories and physical body as well. This is true because your beloved God Presence is the source of all the good and constructive energy you need to attain self-mastery in the world of form, serving life with joy and gratitude every step of the way. 

Beloved ones, as you know of the importance of preparing the way in everything you do by calling upon the Blue and Violet Flames of protection and transmutation, permit me to guide you in the following healing exercise: Please begin to breathe deeply and rhythmically. Feel and accept the essential, energizing gift of Holy Spirit entering you body, vitalizing every cell with God's love, understanding, and strength. Now, if you have discomfort of any kind in your physical body, place your attention upon the specific point, and consciously focus the energies coming from your I AM Presence of God into this area of your body. As you breathe slowly and deeply, feel how, through the power of your attention, this sacred energy is concentrating within and around this location. 

Your attention, beloved ones, is like a magnifying glass, which takes a light ray and turns it into flame-the Green Flame of Healing. As a result of your conscious action you may be feeling a warmth or tingling in that precise spot right now or some time later. Take a few moments to firmly visualize the Green Healing Flame as it makes its way in, through, and around the part of your body in need of healing. Now slowly shift your attention to the respective etheric, mental, and emotional parts of the body and see the Green Flame gently turn into a Peach Flame with a magnificent Silver Radiance, removing your discomfort and furthering the healing process of your entire being and world. ... So be it!

Beloved ones, please remember to use this simple, yet efficacious exercise as often as you feel the need. If it so happens that the energy drawn from your God Presence by you is more than what you need in the particular area of your body, be assured it will continue flowing outward to bless your entire body, and you will feel your entire being beginning to vibrate at a much higher vibratory rate. 

If it is your desire to assist someone in the process of healing, you may also use this technique with him or her whether they are physically present or not. If circumstances do not permit you to be with them it is still possible to provide this service through the power of visualization just as you often do for yourself. As described above, send the Green and Peach Flames into each of the individual's four lower vehicles you are working with. Even though, with this specific way of healing, your physical body does not seem to be as active as your mental and emotional bodies, it still plays the important role in anchoring the healing energies as you are used as an actual transformer of the healing energies. Also, please remember that your I AM Presence, Causal Body, and Holy Christ Self are always active and working in harmony with the three upper bodies of the person being healed and make it a point always to work from this perspective, calling upon their I AM Presence to know exactly what is in the highest and best good of all concerned.

Beloved ones of this New Era, you are our hands in the realm in which you abide, and I bless you for assisting us once again to bring forth the restorative properties of healing to the mankind of Earth that have long since been forgotten. Just as the other Ascended Masters, I constantly work to impress upon your conscious mind the importance of my flame and anchor it deeply into each one of your blessed hearts. Thank you for listening, applying, and expanding the healing energies in, through, and around this dear planet Earth!

Your co-server of healing,




[from:' The Bridge Journal Sept. 1997]