Beloved Chelas, under the Cosmic Law, all self conscious life has been given the gift of freewill choice. As all have built their present worlds upon this base, you have proven the Law to yourselves. Now you know this truth, and the mystery is revealed. If you hear yourself thinking or speaking words which place blame, be careful, for with these thoughts and words, the Law is called into action.



A very good and simple rule to remember is "Neither blame nor credit take", and, as well, "Neither blame nor credit place!" These statements are as two halves of the same coin. To accept responsibility for your own thoughts and actions is the first step of self-mastery. It is the most difficult step, as well - but, once taken - you must be careful not to regress to the easy course of placing blame upon another person's shoulders.





In all life situations, carefully consider the underlying Principle for the Law is of God - and is God! Principle is the foundation of all outer manifestation, and nothing occurs by accident throughout the Universe, either negative or positive.

I remind you that more often than not - people learn through the negative experiences of their lives more rapidly than through the positive. Humanity seeks the positive experience because it is the most pleasant and rewarding. He learns from the negative because it often impresses his consciousness more strongly, even though it may be very unpleasant at the time. Although you are learning in a world of seeming duality, the same Law applies to both negative and positive experiences.

You might enjoy receiving credit for something which has manifested in a pleasant result. On the other hand, you might be very unhappy if you are blamed for some act resulting in less than perfection! Yet - are not both results under the same Law?




The desired result for our chelas must always be that which is for the highest and best good of all concerned! Once you have the understanding that all results are under the same Law, you will understand that you must go directly to the motive behind any activity in which you become involved.

The motivation - whatever it may be - is the principle upon which you based your action. As you move ever higher in consciousness, your motives will always become your first concern, because you know that they reflect your principles. A true Chela of the Ascended Masters has moved from the ego-centered to the universal centered motivation, asking always "What is for the best and highest good of all concerned?".

Go always to the Presence of God "I AM" within your heart, giving it full dominion over all thought, feeling, words and actions. Let it truly be the 'Doer, the Doing, and the Deed'!

Lord Principa

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom