During the last fifty years, in fact throughout the century only recently completed, each and every member of the human family has been going through a time of great trials and tribulations within their very soul and spirit. Accordingly everyone has at least one personal story of tremendous tragedy or victorious accomplishment to share.

No matter what one's religious belief or spiritual background, when this process began and each experienced the overwhelming feeling that something was missing in their life, it prompted each person on this planet to question who they really were. Questions such as: Why am I living upon the Earth at this time in history? How did I get to this point in my life? What, if anything, is there after so called death? And most importantly, what is the guiding force that appears to be with me as I take each and every step in my life no matter how small and shaky or strong and long each one is? Are my words beginning to sound familiar, beloved ones?




Ultimately at some point on your journey you will truly come full circle and ask that all important question; What is the omnipresent, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving entity known by so many names? Depending upon your religious background and tradition: Who is God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Higher Power, Creator, Lord, or the Great I AM? Thus with this very simple but very important question your consciousness begins to expand to such far reaching levels, that as the answer begins to come, truly you and the life you lead will never be the same again!

When you choose to go directly to the heart of what "God" is, by-passing and looking beyond each religion's specific definition and rules to follow to become a more 'Godly' or 'righteous' person. After you have stripped away all but the very essence of the Almighty arriving at the source of all life, you will find but two fundamental terms remaining which answer this all important question. God is energy and consciousness.

Then, with the additional knowledge you have received along your journey that God exists in all things you must also accept that at the very heart of all things there is also nothing more than energy and consciousness. And it is only the level of this energy and consciousness that determines one's place in this universe.

Beloved ones, by all outer appearances in the universal divine plan, the Earth is very small and life upon it even smaller. However, the level of the energy you are able to tap into, your ability to use it well and expand it outward will determine your place in God's Great Design. This is the core principle contained within two statements you have heard many times: "Where your attention is, there you are." and "Where you are so shall you become!"




If for now you have difficulty understanding this far reaching but all important concept of 'energy and consciousness', I ask you to work with it for awhile in your day-to-day life. In everything you do and everything that happens to you ask yourself the following: What is the level of energy at work in my life? What is the level of consciousness of all concerned in each situation? Over time, you will come to better understand this principle.

Always remember, energy is the life force upon which all things in the universe are based and consciousness determines its place in the universe.

My message may bring some confusion to your emotional body. It may also raise many questions to your mind but that is good! For it is within the question that the answer lies! Take time to ponder my words for ultimately, there is only energy and consciousness!

Also, place this divine principle upon the altar of your heart and hold it sacred, for once anything is lovingly and purely placed there it must begin to grow and expand. Thus, over time you will become more loving, more supportive, more peaceful, more harmonious, more forgiving and more compassionate.

Peace be unto you beloved ones!

Lord Maitreya