Know that I AM God


Just TO BE and know that I AM GOD! In this consciousness of eternity nothing will change, unless you decide to do so. Manifesting perfection to expand the borders of the 'Father's Kingdom'. What you choose you will become. If you choose to become "Love in Action", you will draw all the powers and qualities of the Third Ray into your aura and world, willing and able to assist you to become a being of Love. If you wish to become a Peace Commanding Presence, all the powers and qualities of the Sixth Ray of Peace and Ministration will be drawn into your aura, helping you to fulfill your wishes. Free will is a Holy and precious Gift.

Being more familiar with the oneness of all life, you have to realize that working with divine qualities of a certain kind always attracts the attention of a specific individual Divine Presence with Who's qualities you are working. By practicing and learning about energy, vibration and consciousness you also realize your specific attraction to certain kinds of energies and qualities, because you have worked with them during eons of time and they become the "line of least resistance" for you.

Patience is always rewarding. It allows the gifts of the octaves of light to descend into your world. It needs time to manifest itself in the world of form. Perfection needs time, and when it manifests it has to be sustained to reveal its maximum blessings for the highest good of all concerned.