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The Light of the World

Do not look for "rewards", or any other outer signs. Your I AM Presence is a radiating Focus of Light. Your "reward" is your willingness to open your lifestream to this 'Stream of Light'. This Light will go out from you to show humankind the way home. The stronger the Light, the farther its influence and the more lifestreams you can help. That's what is meant by: "You are the light of the world." Remember, there is no self on the Buddhic Path. When your human consciousness is totally transmuted into perfection you will come to know EVERYTHING you want to know. The Golden Ray of God's Wisdom, Illumination and Understanding will be totally at your disposal for the benefit of all life. You will become that Ray as much as your consciousness can contain It and as long as your attention is fixed upon this Ray. You will wield the full power of all the Seven Rays, one at the time, when you learn to develop your God Powers.

Only in the Silence you can distinguish Truth from ignorance, Real from unreal, Eternity from temporality. Divine qualities manifest here in the purest form and it is the responsibility of the individual to manifest some of these qualities in the world of form in addition to the ones already developed during his evolution.