Unity is the Body of God!


Every quality is a highly complex unity. Every divine quality is present in all the other divine qualities. Like all the Rays are present as sub rays in all the Major Rays. Remember that unity is enfolding all life. It is the "Body of God". What you experience as a separate entity is only because of your limited perception and consciousness. Your consciousness as I AM (I AM in the Here and Now) is quite different as that of a Chohan or a Bodhisattva. Always be open for wider perspectives and greater experiences. Divine qualities are shining on the face of the Earth like the physical sunrays. However the qualities only shine when there are lifestreams, who are sensitive enough to invoke and nourish them by rhythmic application. By so doing the rest of humanity can reap the benefit of these efforts. For every quality is a Temple on the Etheric Plane guarded by Masters and Initiates of a high degree, who tend the flames and release them to those, who are open for their blessings.

When all your armature for attack and defense are laid down, you may feel vulnerable at times. You are like the flower which has opened its petals to the warmth of the sun. The flower, which is carrying the seeds of its offspring. There is no assault nor defense in the flower. Its protection and nourishing lays in the hands of the gardener. Your I AM Presence is your gardener, protecting and nourishing you to develop the seeds of eternity within you, which will grow into an unique universe in the far future.

The Spiritual Path is as you've found out, an Eternal Path. A Path of Growth. Your consciousness is expanding gradually, accepting and applying more and more work in the worlds of manifestation. There are no sudden expansions and revelations. There are revelations, but only when the consciousness is ready to accept. A child will not become an adult overnight. It grows gradually. It also receives its expansions  and revelations, when the consciousness is ready and is able to understand . It is an ongoing process.




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