Your Christ–Self is your ultimate consciousness of balance and unity. When you are out of balance for any reason, concentrate on your heart flame and BE your Christ Self in Action. Don’t call for your Christ Self. BE IT.  When your Christ Self is awakened, it becomes a clear window for your I AM Presence in the world of form. When the unification of the Christ Self with the I AM Presence has been accomplished, the reincarnating soul will vanish and a magnificent “river”  of light will flood the form worlds. But all in divine order and under Cosmic Law, where the I AM Presence will be, the Doer, the Doing and the Deed under all circumstances.


When you open your heart and mind to the Eternal  Light, you have to focus yourself to  one quality at the time. You know now that the Rays and Flames are living Entities with their own purpose in life. The reception of their Flames is a gift, because you receive the qualities of that Ray. This must always be exchanged by your gifts of love, gratitude or any other gifts you have developed during your long evolution on this Planet. Divine qualities are present on all levels of creation. They also have their ‘incarnating’ cycle and return home. When you are calling forth a quality, it descends most likely from your Causal Body. If it is not present there, an ascended being will provide it for you. Then it descends through the mental plane into your emotional body. From there it directs its specific energy through your etheric body, which might stir your physical body into action. If not it will blaze its energy into the emotional and etheric atmosphere, giving a general stimulation to all who are open for its blessing. After the service has been completed the law of the circle will return the harvest to the causal body of the one who initiated the cycle.



Your interest in specific qualities will always stimulate them in others in your sphere of influence. Because they are always present. The only necessity to activate them is putting your attention on them. If you do this all the time, it becomes a momentum, because the presence of this quality in your aura has become so strong, that a mere thought will tricker it into action.