If you want to know “all” about a quality” you can’t! Your consciousness is to small to comprehend this. You can focus on  an aspect of that quality and follow the effect in the world of form.. For instance concentrate on patience and what the effect  of this energy is for your lifestream, your group, the planet, etc. What changes does it bring in the consciousness of embodied life, whether it is human, angelic, elemental or four footed? Even the vegetable kingdom and the mineral kingdom respond to patience. Meditate upon it. This is also communication. Communication with energy and vibration.

The path of energy is an always changing path. To be in control of your energies means, that you have the power to direct the energies according to God’s Will and to be God’s Will. Also here everything is a matter of perception. Don’t try to control energies that are greater than the ‘cup of your consciousness’ can contain. In that case invoke the help of your Superiors.

By focusing your attention on a specific quality and giving it “time” to explain itself to you, you become aware how much commitment is present in their intensity to make a difference on our planet. It is a reward and a revelation to serve with them, and every time you allow these qualities to blaze through your bodies you raise  the vibratory activity of these very bodies. Like a human being, a divine quality also has a divine plan and a cycle of existence in the inner realms. When it was assigned directly to a specific place or person, these qualities join qualities of the same color and vibration to become more powerful and extend their life cycle. This process can continue for quite some time, till a conscious being has the power and authority to assign this conglomerate of energy of a certain kind to fulfill its purpose.

By concentrating on a quality or qualities on a daily base, you not only enhance them and make them strong and prosperous, but you also allow them to carry out tasks on their own level. The quality will increase in power by allying itself to vibrations of the same kind. The result is rather similar as what happens on your level of consciousness, when “cells” become an “organ”, when individuals align to become a group consciousness. So you develop qualities with a group consciousness that become very potent powers for good.


The form aspect of life often seems difficult and challenging, because you’re not always able yet to see through it. Keep your mind on the Immaculate Concept and let your I AM Presence do the perfect work; then your challenges will no longer be threatening, but step stones on your Pathway to Perfection. Sometimes, when you allow irritation to enter your emotional world, because something in the outer world doesn’t react as you hoped or expected, you notice that on this level of consciousness, immediately the emotional balance is disturbed and you need the help of the Violet Flame to regain your balance. Always be alert and realize that these “disturbing events” might actually be provided to test your balance.